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Mission Trip Update

We got back home safe and sound by God’s grace.  Our team (Kingsley Family, Tanya Dressler, Katy Brooks and Carolynn Porterfield) came home at different times but it was fulfilling to do God’s will by showing love and care to the people around us in the Philippines. These were the  things we did:

  • Treated over 1000 patients through medical and dental missions in 4 different places in Manila, Batangas and Bohol
  • Taught Ladies Bible Studies in 5 congregations
  • Attended Family Day and taught the Ladies and Men and kids
  • Philip preached at 6 congregations during their Sunday worship
  • We did VBS and feeding programs in 2 different congregations
  • Distributed toys, school supplies, and clothes in 8 different locations as an outreach of the churches
  • Taught songs to the kids in 4 tutorial classes at different congregations.
  • Helped in giving groceries to fire victims

We thank God for the success of our mission in the Philippines. We also thank those who partnered with us through your financial donations, prayers, and all the things you sent that we gave away to those in need.













Bohol Medical Missions













Katy hugging a tutorial pupil











Philip preaching Bohol Church of Christ











Tutorial Children at Friendship Road Church











Ladies Seminar at Calamba Church of Christ



Twinville and Friendship Road Churches of Christ

The Twinville and Friendship Road Churches have been busy doing a lot of outreach to the community and beyond. They had their 12th year graduation of the Tutorial classes for ages 3 to 5 years old and also started their Vacation Bible School right after graduation. Through the new outreach in Cupang, Marikina, many people have been saved. They started a new church there in February and people have been responding to the gospel presented to them. A new brother in Christ, Lemar Mendiola, decided to wash his sins away in baptism. He has been faithfully attending the Bible study there since. They also recently gave dozens of slippers to those in need, especially the children there. The Cupang outreach is in a very poor neighborhood and they are happy to receive the many blessings given to them.

Please continue to pray for the churches and the outreaches that the churches are doing in the Marikina area. To God be the glory!












Graduation of Tutorial Students











Bible Study at  Cupang, Marikina Outreach













Baptism of  a new brother in Cupang













Giving of Slippers to children


Calamba Church

Thank God for another graduation day for the kids at the Tutorial program in Calamba Church of Christ! The parents and kids were so thankful for the outreach that the church has been doing for them. Bro. Jonathan is still busy teaching and equipping the church. They have weekly Bible Studies and outreaches like visitation of the sick and taking care of members of the church. Please pray for them as they continue to be a blessing in the Calamba, Laguna area.









Graduation at Calamba church Tutorial











Visitation of the sick



Sta. Lucia Church

Sta. Lucia Church in East Ortigas, Pasig City is striving hard to be strong. Last year their preacher left for another opportunity of employment outside the Manila area. There are also members that left due to employment or changes in their family situation. They are struggling but continue to be strong in their faith and work for the Lord. Please pray for this church to grow in Christ as they face trials of many kinds.











Sta. Lucia Church













Graduation of the Tutorial Class in Sta Lucia


Dreamland Ministries

The ministry in Dreamland is flourishing! They coordinate many retreats and camps there to strengthen the brethren in different churches. They recently held a couples camp, and preachers, singles, ladies and men’s retreats. Aside from that, they outreach to the community through tutorial programs, medical missions and Bible studies. Bro. Jun stays busy continuing the work there with his wife Chona. We thank them for their untiring service to the Lord in that part of the mountain.











Meeting Queensley the Horse for the first time













Building of a nipa hut in Dreamland











Couples Camp at Dreamland










Singles Camp at Dreamland


Payatas Church

Payatas outreach is growing as Bro. Felipe and Sister Clarita Cariaga maintain the outreach there. They are continuing with their Bible Studies, sewing and cooking classes, teaching the children Christian values, and teaching the students who are wanting to be preachers someday. Continue to pray for them as they continue to grow this ministry and that people will respond to the gospel as they outreach to this community.








Sis Clarita teaching the kids at Payatas outreach



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                             2016 Mission Trip

On January 8, 2016, 12 members of the mission team left the United States for the Philippines.  The temission1mission2am members consisted of Barrion, Tina, Emily and James Palmer, Louise Williams, Remy and Justine Kingsley and Tim, Sharon, Linsday, Lauren and Luke O’Neal.  After some difficulty in flights from the Alabama team members, all arrived in Manila.  The trip, which lasted just over two (2) weeks, was filled with opportunities by God to encourage, teach, serve and show Christ in the lives in the metro Manila area.  It was also an opportunity to explore the new ministry of Dreamland, which is property purchased that will eventually be used to help support preachers in the southern Luzon area.  God also provided the opportunity for the 1st Annual Metro Manila Family Retreat held at Camp Jabez.  Over 100 people attended the 2 days seminar learning God’s plan for the family and the family of God.   During the two week trip, the team was able to worship with the body of Christ in the Manila area including the Twinville church of Christ, Friendship Road church of Christ, Manila church of Christ, Cianta church of Christ and the Sta. Lucia church of Christ.  We rejoice with the Twinville church of Christ in their new location that will be able to suit the work in the Balubad area of Marikina.   The team safely returned to the United States by January 24, 2016 and are already praying for and making plans for the 2017 trip.  In all things, the mission team prays for God’s will to be done.  We ask that all who are partners with Metro Manila Ministries please pray for the work both here in the United States and in the Philippines.  Specifically, our prayer request is to ask for God’s guidance as the team begins to prepare for the arrival of Philip Kingsley in 2017.


                       Twinville/Balubad Church Report


Report prepared by Danni DeVera.  Partners in ministry with Rhecel & Mimi Allonar


Many exciting events and blessings are occurring at the Twinville church of Christ.  Metro Manila Ministries in partnership with the brothers & sisters at the Twinville church of Christ are excited to announce the new location of the church’s building.  The new location is larger and in better condition than the previous location which will allow the church to better serve the needs of the people in Balubad area.  The church, in partnership with Metro Manila Ministries, raised the funds to complete the roof addition to the church’s meeting location.  The buildings on the property are used for the Tutorial Pre-School and classrooms.


Among the blessings from God for the Twinville church is the addition in baptism of Junel Adriano (age 12) and Rosemarie Estrellado, who is the mother of Sister Angela Estrellado, as well as Christian Ferreras Jacob and Angelo Ferreras Jacob.  Praise be to our father God for the 4 new family members.  Please pray for their walk with God.


The Parents Bible School Program (PBSP) is ongoing with the teacher of adult parents of the tutorial students as well as any adults wanting to study the word.  They were blessed over the past several months to have guest speakers including Prissy Sellers, Remy Kingsley, Barrion Palmer and Tim O’Neal.  Souls are being led to Christ through this program.


The pre-school children of the Tutorial Center Program continues to teach children and prepare them for public school.  The teaching principles are taught using the word of God and his commands.  The prayer and desire of the Twinville congregation and the Tutorial Program is to become self-supporting and recognized by the Department of Education as a private school.  Please pray for the children (and the teachers) as they complete final examinations and graduation.  God is truly using this program for His kingdom and the spreading of His word!


Other programs at Twinville include Youth Programs, Feeding programs and Street Evangelism.  Please pray for these programs and the Twinville church as they minister Balubad.


Feeding Program in Balubad area


Baptism of a new brother in Christ in Twinville


                   Friendship Road Church Report


Report prepared by Steve Sepulveda.  Partners in ministry include Elhmir Saison


The body of Christ at Friendmission6ship Road continues to be a blessing to the people in the area.  They have door knocking campaigns every two (2) weeks and follow up with contacts with Bible studies in their homes and at the building.  They continue to challenge each other to be involved in outreach and growth of the congregation.  They covet prayers for growth spiritually as a body and holding each other accountable.  They have dedicated themission9mselves to unity as a body and as leadership.


They are currently looking to fill the need of more Bibles for their members and for outreach purposes.  Metro Manila Ministries is assisting with this request and is accepting donations to help purchase Bibles in the Philippines to distribute not only at Friendship Road church, but other churches as well.  Can you partner with us in this challenge?



                                 Calamba Church Report


Report prepared by Jonathan Faldas.  Partners include Jun Patricio


The mission8Calamba churchmission7 of Christ and brother Faldas is a recent addition and blessing to Metro Manila Ministries.  The recent mission trip renewed past friendships and ministry works with the Calamba congregation and outreach programs at Calauan phase.  This is an exciting time at Calamba and Calauan congregations.  Metro Manila Ministries is blessed to partner again with Brother Jonathan and Brother Jun to spread God’s word in these locations.


New projects include Bible studies at Mayapa Burgundy and worship services at these locations.  Brother Jonathan remains very busy leading worship services every Saturday and every Sunday at Mayapa (7 am to 9 am), Calamba City (9:30 am to 12 pm) and Calauan (3 pm to 5 pm).  Please pray for Brother Jonathan as he leads the services and for the safety of his travels.  Also located at Calamba is the children’s tutorial program teaching pre-school children and preparing them for elementary school by using God’s word as the foundation.


Jonathan is also actively involved with Brother Jun in the Dreamland Project.  Please pray for this new ministry that will help support local ministers in the Batangas area.  Camp Dreamland is scheduled for March 23-26, 2016 for young men to camp in the “jungle” and learn to have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ.


Metro Manila Ministries, in partnering with Brother Jonathan and Brother Jun, are assisting with funds to help offset fuel and travel costs.  Would you partner with us financially in helping this ministry?


Brother Jonathan is requesting prayers for good health, safety and above all the people in Calamba City, Calauan and Mayapa as God’s word is spread as well as Dreamland and Camp Dreamland and the children’s Tutorial Program.  Metro Manila Ministries is asking for prayers for Brother Jonathan and his family due to the passing of his beautiful wife.  Brother Jonathan continues to work hard in the ministry while mourning the passing of his wife and helping his children move forward.



                                               Manila Church Report


Report prepared by Felipe and Clarita Cariaga


Many exciting events are occurring with the Manila church.  God is blessing their work in so many ways.  Many are aware of the ongoing, long time work with the Manila School of Evangelism (MSE).  This program trains and places young men in the ministry to preach & teach at local congregations throughout the Philippines.  While this is their most well-known ministry, it is by no means the only work God has placed on their hearts.  Other works include MSE extension classes located at Payatas, livelihood programs in both locations, outreach to the elderly, feeding programs, dental programs and medicine purchasing for the elderly known as Good Samaritan.


The mission team in January was blessed to visit the work at Payatas.  This is a somewhat new ministry that continues to grow and expand due to God’s grace and provisions.  The building is complete at the location which allows them to store supplies and work securely.  Ongoing works at Payatas include extension classes for MSE to train young men in the ministry, feeding of the children in the Payatas area (this is an extremely poor area in which many children are malnourished), elderly care (including the Good Samaritan program), dental programs, etc.  Prayers are coveted for this new work.


Brother and Sister Cariaga as well as the Manila church are actively involved at the Tondo church of Christ and Sucol church of Christ in the Laguna area.


Metro Manila Ministries is actively assisting the Manila church in raising funds for teachers for the children’s training programs at Payatas, 5-6 sewing machines for the livelihood program training and chairs & tables for the new location at Payatas.  Would you be willing to financially assist Metro Manila Ministry in this area?


The Cariaga’s and the Manila church are asking for prayers for the workers at all locations, outreach programs, students enrolled at MSE and training classes for children, the senior citizens they are reaching out to and studying with and ongoing Bible studies.




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September 2014

September are most feared month by Filipino people lives near the
river because it is the month where series of typhoon pass over the

Parents Bible School Program

The PBSP or Parents Bible School Program are now starting to reap
the harvest, some of the parents are now interested to obey Jesus in
baptism. They are very much active on our weekly Bible study and
some of them volunteered to cooked for our monthly feeding

Bible School for Young Boys/Girls

The young boys are very much involved now in our worship service
and visitation program in Twinville COC. They always want to
have Bible study and they invited some young boys and girls to join
our Bible school..

Feeding Program

The month of September has been tag as typhoon month here in
Marikina City. Another flood came due to typhoon and Balubad our
mission field was badly affected again. We visited our brethren
lives in that area and we encouraged them and we prayed together.
We conducted feeding program for children lives in that area and
we have games for them and prices. We see to it that they enjoyed
in order to forget the trauma they got from the flood.

Tutorial Center Ministry

The tutorial center students are growing and learn lot of things in
academic. They are all active and wants to go to school everyday.
They observed the Teachers month this September, at their young
aged they learned how to appreciate the work of the teachers.
Harvey Buenavista is a member of denominational born again group.
He decided to study the Bible and constantly attending our worship
service. He grows spiritually as he listened to the Word of God in
Bible study and preaching every Sunday. He decided to obey Jesus
in baptism after almost six months studying the doctrine of Christ in
the Bible.

Sunday School at Twinville

The Twinville Sunday School is more than a school, according to
the children they enjoyed every moments the spend under the
teaching of sis. Eileen De Vera. It was funny they don’t want to go
home after the service.

Leadership Program

The COC Palosapis have their monthly leadership program Bro.
Danni was invited to teach about Biblical Church Growth and
Leadership. With this lesson the leaders of COC Palosapis becomes
active and become self motivated as they lead the congregation.

Home Bible Study

Our weekly home Bible study at Balubad Phase 1 are doing great
and success. We studied a lesson that applies on our daily lives. We
just finished 13 life lessons from the book of Ron Adams. We
started another lesson taken the sermon outlines of Dr. Charles


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