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Twinville/Friendly Churches of Christ



Two Tutorial Centers in Marikina City started their programs in June. They are now busy teaching the students ages 3-4 writing, reading, arithmetic and Christian Values. Also, the parents started studying the Bible with Danni de Vera as they wait for their children to be dismissed. In June one soul obeyed the gospel and five more followed in August.  In June, they collected 1,000 notebooks and distributed them to 500 local students who can’t afford to buy school supplies. As they started their Share-A-Blessing program, they also started their visitations and home Bible studies and group studies, youth activities and also feeding programs. Please pray as they continue to nurture the new Christians, reach out to the lost and grow.


Calamba Church Report


 The Calamba Church Tutorial Center started their preschool program in June with 17 kids enrolled. Brother Jonathan started also having Bible studies with the parents. The church also did their monthly feeding program feeding the children some nutritious food. Aside from doing this, Brother Jonathan has two more church outreaches on Sundays in Los Banos and Mayapa, Bangbang. They need preachers to grow churches in those areas. Please pray that God will provide preachers. The members there need help in growing them in faith.

 Payatas Outreach Report


Felipe and Clarita continue to outreach in the Payatas area through the help of Metro Manila Ministries and Sampaloc church of Christ. One of those taught was baptized this month! Praise God for another soul added. Sister Clarita started using some of the sewing machines that were donated by Metro Manila Ministries for livelihood programs. They also organized a medical mission in the Payatas area where their daughter Felita Lucena ( who is a doctor), treated kids and adults for their common diseases. Also, they started their early childhood program to outreach the children and they provided them uniforms to be used when they meet at the church. They are doing so much good in that area that people know where they are as they show the love of the Lord not only in their physical needs but spiritual needs as well.


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Twinville Church Report










April and May:

Every year the Twinville church conducts summer school for children and youth. It was fun to teach the kids during summer break as the parents have time to see their kids learn about God. They also invited the parents to attend Bible studies and worship services.

Two souls decided to wash their sins away early in the month of May. Carla faithfully attended their home Bible study in the Balubad area and Nicholas was active in their youth activitiy and has been coming to the church since he was seven years old. God be praised when Danni baptized them for the forgiveness of their sins.


This month the Tutorial classes started both at Friendship Road and Twinville churches of Christ. As they continue to do mission work, they have seen so many studients in need of school supplies for the coming school year. There are so many students in their area that can’t afford to buy the basic school supplies so the church decided to collect them and distributed them before classes started. They collected one thousand notebooks for kindergarten to high school.

As they started their Tutorial Program (Preschool) classes which started on June 19th eighteen children were enrolled in Twinville church. The number of students decreased due to new regulations from Department of Education. They are praying for more outreach as they continue to be a part of the community in the Balubad and Twinville areas.marikina2











Calamba Church Report


Brother Jonathan is so busy as he is raising his three girls by himself and doing ministry work. He preaches  and travels to three congregations every Sunday. He also handles midweek service in Calamba church and teaches the parents of the students during the week. The ladies in his congregation get involved in conducting feeding programs every month to outreach the poor in their area and  help with the Tutorial Classes during the week. New Youth Ministry started this month as they outreach to youth in their area. Please keep Jonathan in your prayers as he continues his work and being a single parent.












Payatas Outreach Report


Felipe and Clarita continue to outreach in the Payatas area through the help of Metro Manila Ministries and Sampaloc church of Christ. They started their Early Learning School this month teaching children in that area about God and good morals. Sister Clarita is also busy teaching in the livelihood program for those who are willing to earn money to support their families. She conducts cooking classes and jewelry making and sewing. they also conducted medical mission with the help of their daughter Felita Lucena who is a pediatric doctor. . Brother Felipe started music classes at Sampaloc church and also busy with attending to the needs of the brethern and outreaching to the lost in that area. Please pray for both of them who are still active in their seventies as inspiration to us in reaching the lost.

Thank you so much to all who are part of the ministry. God bless you as you bless others.

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We had a great Philippine Missions Garage Sale last Sept 13-15. Despite the rain, the Lord has blessed us with $6ooo towards the work that we do in the Philippines. Many volunteers come to help us and people donated stuff to sell. It was a blessing in so many ways. God is good!

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Marikina & Cubao CHURCH OF CHRIST Update

by: Danni de Vera 

March is the most awaited month of all students in all school level because it is the last month of going to school. But for the mission workers it will be another opportunity to use all the youth in the Church to be part of mission team in preaching the good news.




The beauty in this kind of fellowship is creating teamwork and bonding among youth of today in the Church. It builds up good relationship with one another as they study the Word of God in unity. They also have time to pray and have fun together. The youth take the opportunity by giving the assignment to Philip Kingsley’s a young preacher and missionary from Wichita, Kansas to lead the devotional Bible study.  




Another graduation exercises was held in our three tutorial centers, The Cubao, Friendship Road, and in Twinville (Balubad). The tutorial ministry needs more love and patience that is why it is another success for the part img_1227.JPGof those who are involved in this ministry. We are all excited because another batch of Children will bring the name of  img_0946.JPGthe Church of our Lord Jesus in different schools.



Visiting and Strengthening the Christian Youth…

f7008b9dde2ba397a679a97e7fa71f4f.jpgBro. Danni and bro. Philip were able to visit our youth on their school at Balubad area. We wait all our youth and gathered them in one place to have picture taking and saying hello to one another. We invited them to attend youth Bible study.

We also visited some tutorial parents after a week of graduation together with some brethren in order to encourage them to have home Bible study.


Campus Evangelism… 


In order to invite college students to enroll in Bible correspondence course we went to distribute invitation at one of the university in Marikina city. We were able to see also some of our inactive brethren studying in the university and invite them again to attend worship service. 


Bible Studies…

Bible studies in different areas of Marikina continue with the help of bro.img_0861.JPG

Philip Kingsley. Many brethren were encouraged on bro. Philip enthusiasm to win more souls and his passion in the mission work.



Three more souls were added by the Lord in His kingdom at Cubao Church and Friendship Road Church. Shermalaine Bangloy heard the Gospel through sis. Cristina of Pangasinan province and was followed up by bro. Danni. She decided to be baptized after series of Bible study with sis. Cristina. Another soul decided to be immersed after attending series of Bible study with bro. Steve Sepulveda in Balubad area. Prince Lorico after hearing the Gospel plan of salvation thru the teaching of Bro. Philip Kingsley immediately decided to be baptized.

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Sta. Lucia-Pasig Congregation

Last year was a big transition for Sta. Lucia-Pasig Congregation.  We moved to a new location without worrying about what needs we may have.  We have asked core members of the congregation to commit to the monthly rental and God just worked through these people who are now supporting the ministries of the church here.



This year, we have hired a new preacher, Bro. Jerome Pascua (upper picture, left side together with Bro. Manny, right side) who was referred to us by Bro. Felipe Cariaga.  We are so blessed to have someone like him in the congregation who can help in the work of the church and prepare in-depth lessons for the congregation’s spiritual needs.  Thanks also to Metro Manila Ministries for helping with a seed money to support our new preacher.



We have also asked Bro. Ed Maquiling (picture above) to give us a deeper view of the Bible and have organized a Mid-Week Bible study in our worship place.  It has been months now that we have been studying the book of Romans.  There are about 15 or more attending every Thursday for the Mid-Week Bible study.  The congregation is solely providing for Bro. Ed’s allowance.



Late January this year, Bro. Manuel Buhisan Jr. has felt the burden to take care of the youth.  Bro. Manny has been doing ministry work, focused especially on the youth, for many years now.  He has also undergone a number of Missionary Training programs.  Now he is Operations Manager for one of the fastest growing ammunition store here in Metro Manila.  We are blessed that in spite of his busy schedules he has committed to minister to the youth every Sunday.  The youth group started with 7 young people and now growing to 10 and still growing.



Another person who stepped up is Sis. Rose Ola who has seen the needs of the ladies.  She started a Ladies Class every Sunday after lunch where the women of the church can express themselves and then look to the Bible for guidance.  Thank God for members who are assuming responsibilities in the church.


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