Mission Trip Update 2017

mission trip 20174Our team was comprised of our family, Dale, Remy, Jasper and Justine Kingsley together with Philip Kingsley who flew from Canada and Barrion Palmer from Huntsville, Alabama came and went on different dates to help with the work that we do in the Philippines.
We helped in teaching the children at the tutorial classes and Sunday School in Twinville, Friendship Road and Sta Lucia churches. Barrion and Philip preached and also studied with the parents of the kids. Philp, Jasper and Justine also conducted Youth overnight activities and also some fellowship and devotionals at a resort in Marikina City. We had a feeding program at Payatas and about 100 children and adults came to eat the porridge and sandwiches that we provided.
Our team also went up to Baguio and Benguet which is about 10 hours drive up the mountain. We helped with the distribution of backpacks, teaching the ladies and played with the children at the daycare center. We also visited with Jonathan Ramos, a local missionalry in that area.

mission trip 20171
Remy spoke at the graduation program of three different congregations in the Manila area and taught also the ladies of the Wanchai church of Christ in Hong Kong on their way back home to Kansas.
It was a fruitful trip and we spread the gospel to those who are wanting to listen. God is good and thank you so much for all your prayers and support during this trip.


Calamba Church Report

mission trip 20175Brother Jonathan started the feeding program for the kids in the area where he is preaching. There’s a lot of kids that don’t get proper nutrition there. It also united the ladies at Calamba congregation to do more of this ministry. He is still busy preaching at Calamba, Mayapa and Los Banos congragations and has midweek Bible studies. As a result of this outreach 6 souls obeyed Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour since January 2017.

Twinville/Friendly Churches of Christ

mission trip 20176 mission trip 20173

Brother Danni de Vera has been busy with youth activities, house Bible studies in Balubad, and teaching the parents of the Tutorial kids.
The graduation for the tutorial centers commenced in March. It was a lot of effort for the two centers to make it a big event.
The youth had the opportunity to have a swimming fellowship at the Diaz Resort. They had a devotional and games also. It was a fun day for them to get a break from everyday life.
They also distributed backpacks to the tutorial children given by the Gentle Road church of Christ in Canada in partnership with Metro Manila Ministries spearheaded by Philip Kingsley.
Please continue to pray for Brother Steve Sepulveda, preacher at Friendship Road church of Christ as he continues to battle his kidney disease.

Manila School of Evangelism/Payatas Outreach:

mission trip 20177

Felipe and Clarita Cariaga are very busy with the ministry at Manila School of Evangelism teaching and mentoring. They have gatherings for the seniors every month and spend time with them through fellowship and outreach.
The work in Payatas is doing well. They distributed the backpacks given by Gentle Road church of Christ, had a feeding program for the kids and adults, and are teaching the children Bible and Good Manners every week. They also have livelihood programs for the ladies who are willing to learn about jewelry making and sewing. It is a good ministry as they continue to outreach in the Payatas area which is a poor neighborhood in Quezon City.

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Friendship Road Church Report:


Brother Steve is having health issues and has had extended stays in the hospital. Metro Manila Ministries and the Friendship Road church of Christ are asking for prayers for Brother Steve. If you would like to help with his medical expenses, please donate through Metro Manila Ministries and designate the donation as Steve’s medical expenses. His health issues are ongoing and the expenses for treatment are an issue as health insurance is not available to assist.

Brother Danni’s hearing aids donated by friends have quit working. Danni would like to replace them but currently does not have the funds. The cost of new units are approximately $150.00. If you would like to help Brother Danni hear again, please donate to Metro Manila Ministries and designate the money for Danni’s hearing aids.

Through the health issues for Steve and Danni not being able to hear, this has not slowed down their ministry work for the Lord. They report several baptisms since our last report, including Angelo Igagamao, Angelica Dasalla and Jinet Luyun. The last two are parents of students in the Twinville Tutorial Center. Please pray for our new brother and sisters and praise God for our new family.

They also report participation of the students of the Tutorial Center participating in “United Nations Day” in the city of Marikina. The students wore costumes from nations around the world. Furthermore, the students have completed their 2nd quarter assessment exams. Danni reports the students tested well and many are counting to 100 and reading two and three letter words.

Monthly door knocking campaign and tracts distribution is ongoing and the results are encouraging for the churches. Reports of new Bible studies are very encouraging. After the last distribution, brethren from different congregations, including Twinville and Friendship Road, met together for a fellowship lunch and encouragement. Please pray for the new Bible study students and the success of the campaign.

Calamba Church Report:

Brother Jonathan remains very busy working at Calamba, Calawan and Dreamland. He reports that the Monday Bible Studies with the Tutorial Center parents in Calamba is going well. He also reports weekly Tuesday and Thursday Bible studies with people are encouraging for the Calamba congregation. His work with the Mayapa church of Christ and the new congregation of Bang-bang church of Christ in Losbanos is very encouraging and God continues to bless the brethren and Jonathan as he works very diligently. He reports that the new congregation at Bang-bang is doing outreach in the community and establishing a good name for the Lord in the area.
Jonathan is planning a feeding programs in the area soon and is requesting to partner with Metro Manila Ministries financially to make this happen. If you would like to participate in the feeding program financially, please donate to Metro Manila Ministries and designate the funds as Calamba feeding program.
Jonathan is requesting prayers for his children’s continued good health, his trials as a parent and minister, his mother’s health concerns and especially the congregations where he works.

Manila School of Evangelism:


Felipe and Clarita Cariaga have returned to the Philippines and once again are very active in the work with the Manila church of Christ, Manila School of Evangelism and the work with the Payatas church of Christ.

The training of young men to work as ministers in the Lord’s kingdom is going well at MSE and the students are actively learning and then applying their training on Sunday’s at area congregations. Please pray for these young men as they work hard to learn and their future as ministers.
The work at Payatas is going well as World Grace & Helping Hands through the Cariaga’s is teaching trade skills, Biblical training to children and adults and feeding programs to help the hungry children. Please continue to pray for the Cariaga’s and their work.

Mission Trip:


As we prepare for the upcoming mission trip with our family and Barrion Palmer from Alabama, we are requesting much prayers as we spread God’s Word around Manila area and beyond. Here’s what we are intending to do:

- Preach in different churches in Manila, Baguio City and Laguna areas
- Will be doing Seminar on Single Blessedness and How to Strengthen Marriage
- conduct group Bible studies
- do one on one Bible studies
- sponsor feeding programs in different areas
- distribute backpacks and school supplies for the kids in tutorial areas.
- will help with church needs in service
- encourage church workers
- youth activities/ devotionals
-teach children in the tutorial areas
-speak in the Tutorial graduation
- distribute tracts and promote the church in the community
-visitation of the member and follow up on those interested in studying the Bible

This will be a great opportunity for our family and Barrion Palmer as we continue to touch lives and impact our lives too! Please pray for our safety and success of the trip as we will be travelling around. Thank you very much for your love and support.

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                                                Ministry Report-3rd Quarter 2016

Twinville church of Christ  

imageDanni DeVera reports that in July they began to focus more on the Tutorial Center Program’s children and parents at the Twinville church.  In focusing more on the families of tutorial students, they distribute fliers and tracks to the young people to continue to encourage and train them in our Lord Jesus Christ.  During the distribution, they have lunch together as well as devotionals after the work is complete.   The monthly door knocking campaign by the area churches in Manila was hosted by Pasig-Centennial church of Christ and resulted  in invitations to attend church as well as Bible studies. They also met to discuss the Evangelism Workshop held at Coloocan church building. The tutorial program at Twinville church of Christ continues to teach children about our God. Recently, they began working on alphabet sounds using telephonic water pipes to learn phonetic sounds of each letter.  The continued learning of Bible verses from the students is going well. The students, one by one, recited their verses in front of the class.  Tutorial examinations were conducted in August and text books were given to the parents to study with their children.



Finally, the quarterly meeting for the Twinville church of Christ and area worship service was conducted.  A review of the upcoming activities, evangelism programs and financial status was completed with the church.  It was reported to the congregation and accepted with great joy that several of this year’s students are now attending church regularly. Danni is requesting prayers for the continued work of the Twinville church and evangelism in the Balubad area.


Calamba and Mayapa church of Christ

 imageJonathan Faldas continues to work extremely hard in his areas of ministry. He travels regularly to Mayapa CoC to encourage them as well as working with the Dreamland location. He reports that weekly activities include Monday Bible studies with CTC (children’s tutorial center) parents, Wednesday CTC teaching of moral lessons from Bible characters, Tuesday & Thursday Bible studies, Theology Bible studies at Rosario, Batangas visitation on Saturdays, Sunday worship services at Mayapa & Calamba, and encouragement of the brethren. As you can see, Jonathan is very busy all the while raising his children in the Lord.




Last month, Metro Manila Ministries helped with the church roof construction. The church raised half of the money to put a roof on their building since they get flooded when it rains. They can now worship without being rained on.


Jonathan reports plans are under way to conduct a feeding program for children during their time of outreach in Calamba.  They are excited about helping families in the area of this outreach and to further the good name of the Lord’s church there.


Jonathan is requesting continued prayers for his children and their good health, his continued recovery after personal tragedies, the health of his mother, and for the congregations where he serves faithfully. He is requesting assistance with funds for the upcoming feeding program. Would you partner with Metro Manila Ministry to help Jonathan in this outreach to feed hungry children with food and especially spiritual nourishment?





 Friendship Road Church of Christ



Steve Sepulveda reports that his primary focus for this quarter is the visiting of the CTC parents of Friendship Road church in order to encourage the tutorial families and conduct Bible studies with them. He also reports that they are beginning the construction of a new baptistry at the Friendship Road church.


Steve is requesting prayers for his health as he has been in and out of the hospital due to kidney failure.  His kidneys are now functioning at less than 4%. His mother was also taken to the hospital due to a stroke and his sister has stage 4 colon cancer.  We are imploring you to pray earnestly for Steve and his family. His desire to serve the brethren and community around Friendship Road is hampered by continued health concerns. He is requesting financial help with medical expenses as you can well imagine are growing significantly.  Would you be willing to partner with us to help Steve?


Mission Trip


     The Kingsley family which comprise of Dale, Remy, Jasper and Justine will be flying from Wichita, Kansas in January 2017 to go on a mission trip to the Philippines.  Their son, Philip, who is a missionary intern in Saskatchewan, Canada will be flying from Regina and meeting them in Manila.Another team member, Barrion Palmer, from Huntsville, Alabamawill be joining them for two weeks. Philip and Dale will be in Manila about a month. Remy, Jasper and Justine will be there until March to attend the Tutorial graduation.

They plan to conduct a feeding program, teach one-on-one Bible studies, and teach group seminars. During their stay there, they hope to encourage the workers and the brethren by working alongside them and fellowshipping with them at various congregations..

Please pray for the success and safety of the crew as they go and spread God’s Word in the Philippines.



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Twinville/Friendship Road:



Danni & Steve continue to work hard at Friendship Road coC and Twinville coC as well as in the Balubad area.  Adult Bible studies are on-going with the current topic being studied of Eternity.  The Tutorial classes at both locations are going strong and the children are learning memory versus as well as their ABC’s utilizing Biblical names and places.  They are working currently on their science and math centers.  Meanwhile worship in the new location for Twinville continues to be a blessing for the congregation.  Training of young men and women to be a part of the ministry and future leaders of the church is ongoing with all recently visiting and encouraging brethren in Balubad and Dona Petra.

Please continue to pray for Danni, Steve and both congregations as they continue worshiping and outreach for the kingdom in their respective areas of Friendship Road and Balubad communities.

Calamba/Jonathan Faldas:


Brother Jonathan is very busy working at Calamba, Calawan and Dreamland.  He continues to encourage the young brothers and sisters at the Calawan congregation while ministering to our church family at Calamba.  Tutorial classes at Calamba are going well with a good group of students.  Meanwhile, the adult parents of the students are going through Bible studies during class sessions, learning about our Father in heaven.  Enrollment for the tutorial classes and the orientation went well in June.

Meanwhile, brother Jonathan attended the Tanicil Lectureships with several other congregations.  Attendance of 50 at the lectureships provided encouragement for all.

Work at Dreamland continues as they develop the land and utilize the facilities for events.  Young brothers and sisters attended the youth retreat at Dreamland and were greatly encouraged all the while being trained in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for Jonathan and his work as well as his family as he continues to raise his children.

Manila School of Evangelism:


Felipe and Clarita Cariaga are currently on furlough in the United States visiting supporting congregations and individuals as well as family.  They started on the west coast and are currently on the east coast before returning to the Philippines.  By all accounts, they are enjoying their visits and have been greatly encouraged by friends and family in the U.S.

Before leaving for the United States, they were working hard at MSE as well as Payatas.  Training continues at both locations as they are helping train future church leaders and preachers.

Please pray for Felipe and Clarita during their time here as well as safe travels back home.  Prayers are requested for the students and workers at MSE and Payatas.


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                             2016 Mission Trip

On January 8, 2016, 12 members of the mission team left the United States for the Philippines.  The temission1mission2am members consisted of Barrion, Tina, Emily and James Palmer, Louise Williams, Remy and Justine Kingsley and Tim, Sharon, Linsday, Lauren and Luke O’Neal.  After some difficulty in flights from the Alabama team members, all arrived in Manila.  The trip, which lasted just over two (2) weeks, was filled with opportunities by God to encourage, teach, serve and show Christ in the lives in the metro Manila area.  It was also an opportunity to explore the new ministry of Dreamland, which is property purchased that will eventually be used to help support preachers in the southern Luzon area.  God also provided the opportunity for the 1st Annual Metro Manila Family Retreat held at Camp Jabez.  Over 100 people attended the 2 days seminar learning God’s plan for the family and the family of God.   During the two week trip, the team was able to worship with the body of Christ in the Manila area including the Twinville church of Christ, Friendship Road church of Christ, Manila church of Christ, Cianta church of Christ and the Sta. Lucia church of Christ.  We rejoice with the Twinville church of Christ in their new location that will be able to suit the work in the Balubad area of Marikina.   The team safely returned to the United States by January 24, 2016 and are already praying for and making plans for the 2017 trip.  In all things, the mission team prays for God’s will to be done.  We ask that all who are partners with Metro Manila Ministries please pray for the work both here in the United States and in the Philippines.  Specifically, our prayer request is to ask for God’s guidance as the team begins to prepare for the arrival of Philip Kingsley in 2017.


                       Twinville/Balubad Church Report


Report prepared by Danni DeVera.  Partners in ministry with Rhecel & Mimi Allonar


Many exciting events and blessings are occurring at the Twinville church of Christ.  Metro Manila Ministries in partnership with the brothers & sisters at the Twinville church of Christ are excited to announce the new location of the church’s building.  The new location is larger and in better condition than the previous location which will allow the church to better serve the needs of the people in Balubad area.  The church, in partnership with Metro Manila Ministries, raised the funds to complete the roof addition to the church’s meeting location.  The buildings on the property are used for the Tutorial Pre-School and classrooms.


Among the blessings from God for the Twinville church is the addition in baptism of Junel Adriano (age 12) and Rosemarie Estrellado, who is the mother of Sister Angela Estrellado, as well as Christian Ferreras Jacob and Angelo Ferreras Jacob.  Praise be to our father God for the 4 new family members.  Please pray for their walk with God.


The Parents Bible School Program (PBSP) is ongoing with the teacher of adult parents of the tutorial students as well as any adults wanting to study the word.  They were blessed over the past several months to have guest speakers including Prissy Sellers, Remy Kingsley, Barrion Palmer and Tim O’Neal.  Souls are being led to Christ through this program.


The pre-school children of the Tutorial Center Program continues to teach children and prepare them for public school.  The teaching principles are taught using the word of God and his commands.  The prayer and desire of the Twinville congregation and the Tutorial Program is to become self-supporting and recognized by the Department of Education as a private school.  Please pray for the children (and the teachers) as they complete final examinations and graduation.  God is truly using this program for His kingdom and the spreading of His word!


Other programs at Twinville include Youth Programs, Feeding programs and Street Evangelism.  Please pray for these programs and the Twinville church as they minister Balubad.


Feeding Program in Balubad area


Baptism of a new brother in Christ in Twinville


                   Friendship Road Church Report


Report prepared by Steve Sepulveda.  Partners in ministry include Elhmir Saison


The body of Christ at Friendmission6ship Road continues to be a blessing to the people in the area.  They have door knocking campaigns every two (2) weeks and follow up with contacts with Bible studies in their homes and at the building.  They continue to challenge each other to be involved in outreach and growth of the congregation.  They covet prayers for growth spiritually as a body and holding each other accountable.  They have dedicated themission9mselves to unity as a body and as leadership.


They are currently looking to fill the need of more Bibles for their members and for outreach purposes.  Metro Manila Ministries is assisting with this request and is accepting donations to help purchase Bibles in the Philippines to distribute not only at Friendship Road church, but other churches as well.  Can you partner with us in this challenge?



                                 Calamba Church Report


Report prepared by Jonathan Faldas.  Partners include Jun Patricio


The mission8Calamba churchmission7 of Christ and brother Faldas is a recent addition and blessing to Metro Manila Ministries.  The recent mission trip renewed past friendships and ministry works with the Calamba congregation and outreach programs at Calauan phase.  This is an exciting time at Calamba and Calauan congregations.  Metro Manila Ministries is blessed to partner again with Brother Jonathan and Brother Jun to spread God’s word in these locations.


New projects include Bible studies at Mayapa Burgundy and worship services at these locations.  Brother Jonathan remains very busy leading worship services every Saturday and every Sunday at Mayapa (7 am to 9 am), Calamba City (9:30 am to 12 pm) and Calauan (3 pm to 5 pm).  Please pray for Brother Jonathan as he leads the services and for the safety of his travels.  Also located at Calamba is the children’s tutorial program teaching pre-school children and preparing them for elementary school by using God’s word as the foundation.


Jonathan is also actively involved with Brother Jun in the Dreamland Project.  Please pray for this new ministry that will help support local ministers in the Batangas area.  Camp Dreamland is scheduled for March 23-26, 2016 for young men to camp in the “jungle” and learn to have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ.


Metro Manila Ministries, in partnering with Brother Jonathan and Brother Jun, are assisting with funds to help offset fuel and travel costs.  Would you partner with us financially in helping this ministry?


Brother Jonathan is requesting prayers for good health, safety and above all the people in Calamba City, Calauan and Mayapa as God’s word is spread as well as Dreamland and Camp Dreamland and the children’s Tutorial Program.  Metro Manila Ministries is asking for prayers for Brother Jonathan and his family due to the passing of his beautiful wife.  Brother Jonathan continues to work hard in the ministry while mourning the passing of his wife and helping his children move forward.



                                               Manila Church Report


Report prepared by Felipe and Clarita Cariaga


Many exciting events are occurring with the Manila church.  God is blessing their work in so many ways.  Many are aware of the ongoing, long time work with the Manila School of Evangelism (MSE).  This program trains and places young men in the ministry to preach & teach at local congregations throughout the Philippines.  While this is their most well-known ministry, it is by no means the only work God has placed on their hearts.  Other works include MSE extension classes located at Payatas, livelihood programs in both locations, outreach to the elderly, feeding programs, dental programs and medicine purchasing for the elderly known as Good Samaritan.


The mission team in January was blessed to visit the work at Payatas.  This is a somewhat new ministry that continues to grow and expand due to God’s grace and provisions.  The building is complete at the location which allows them to store supplies and work securely.  Ongoing works at Payatas include extension classes for MSE to train young men in the ministry, feeding of the children in the Payatas area (this is an extremely poor area in which many children are malnourished), elderly care (including the Good Samaritan program), dental programs, etc.  Prayers are coveted for this new work.


Brother and Sister Cariaga as well as the Manila church are actively involved at the Tondo church of Christ and Sucol church of Christ in the Laguna area.


Metro Manila Ministries is actively assisting the Manila church in raising funds for teachers for the children’s training programs at Payatas, 5-6 sewing machines for the livelihood program training and chairs & tables for the new location at Payatas.  Would you be willing to financially assist Metro Manila Ministry in this area?


The Cariaga’s and the Manila church are asking for prayers for the workers at all locations, outreach programs, students enrolled at MSE and training classes for children, the senior citizens they are reaching out to and studying with and ongoing Bible studies.




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We would like to thank those who were involved one way or another in helping this ministry grow. We are so thankful to the Lord for giving us another year to be blessings to others. Thank you for partnering with us in spreading the gospel in the Philippines. Please remember the ministry as you plan your year end giving. We thank you very much.

Wichita, Kansas:

We have been busy fundraising for the work that we do in the Manila area. We did some shows and garage sales around the area this year in promoting the ministry. We are continually doing online sales to fundraiser. It is just like garage sales online. A lot of work but God has blessed the effort. If you are in the Wichita and surrounding area and would like to contribute items for the sale, please contact Remy Kingsley @ daremyph@aol.com.

Twinville/Friendly Churches:

The staff is very busy with the work in both churches and surrounding areas. The tutorial classes are busy with teaching the students. They had Family Day at the Park in November, International Day where kids dress up in different costumes from all over the world and paraded around their neighborhood. The churches also have a continual Bible study with the parents resulting in baptisms in both of the centers.

Manila School of Evangelism: 

The first Christian Senior Citizens’ Fellowship attendees held at Manila church of Christ in October were given FREE ECG and Medical Check-up. Also the outreach in Payatas is ongoing with their livelihood program, teaching students about moral and Christian values and feeding programs. It is also a satellite for the preachers program for Manila School of Evangelism.

We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for 2016, As we begin a new year, we covet your prayers in the success of another year as we continue to work together in the growth of His Kingdom.

Prayer Requests:

- A group of 12 people from Alabama and Wichita will be in Manila and Luzon areas from January 4 to Feb 3. Please pray for the success of our missions, the Family Retreat, safe travels and as we share God’s Word with others and encourage fellow Chrisitians and workers  there.

- Avenues where God will take us in our fundraising efforts for 2016

- For the success of the projects and ministries at each church  that we are supporting



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Twinville and Friendship Road Churches:

- Tutorial Centers resumed in June

- Eileen De Vera started working as one of the teachers at Friendship Road

- Continued Bible studies with the parents of the tutorial kids

- Weekly Bible studies at Balubad at different venues

- Two obeyed God’s Word last month

Manila School of Evangelism:

- Livelihood program is underway with the Payatas church

-Extension Classes installed in Payatas

-Early Childhood Education

- Preaching School resumed in June


Mrs. Cariaga teaching the women in sewing and making jewelry for the livelihood program in Payatas


Eileen de Vera was added to the teaching staff at Friendship Road church


Rose Papasin, teacher at the Friendship Road church of Christ helping the children at the Tutorial


New place for Bible Study at the Balubad area.


Danni de Vera getting ready to baptize new brother and sister in Christ


Mrs. Cariaga teaching the parents on the newly established livelihood program in Payatas


children getting ready to listen to the early childhood development moral values education and also have feeding program in Payatas


Our ministry is busy fundraising for the work in the Philippines. We are doing online garage sales, going to craft shows and festivals. We are trying to raise funds for the following:


- Upcoming Family Retreat in January 2016

- Mission Trip Expenses January 2016

- Feeding Program

- Tutorial Needs


If you want to help in this effort or want to know more, please let us know.


Mission Trip 2016


A group of 12 people from Huntsville, Alabama and Wichita, Kansas will be going on a a 2 week mission trip in January from Jan 8- 24. Our trip will include:


- Bible Studies (group and individuals)

- Two day family retreat

- feeding program

- help in the work with the church

- survey trip in Baguio City

- encourage workers in different churches

- speak in family seminars


We are asking for your prayers as we are planning all the events.


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Our team comprised of Timothy ONeal. Dale Kingsley and Remy Kingsley together with our children Jasper and Justine Kingsley  went to Manila at different times from January 22 to April 3, 2015. We accomplished a lot of things. To God be the glory and praise for the time we have there. We enjoyed every minute of service and love we encountered.

Highlights of our trip include:

  • hosted Metrowide Ladies Retreat with the help of Prissy Sellers and company
  • fed over 300 adults and children in four separate feeding programs
  • did one on one Bible studies different houses
  • taught kids and parents in the Tutorial Centers (preschools)
  • spoke at graduation ceremonies at three different Tutorial Centers
  • funded in construction of roof for the Babag Church of Christ in Cebu City
  • spoke to church leaders and churches of the the future endeavors of Metor Manila Ministires
  • help fund the construction of the building at Payatas church of Christ for livelihood programs, Senior Care, Child Care Center and satellite for the Manila School of Evangelism
  • distributed homemade dresses to the children donated by the church members of Bluestarr church in Claremore, Oklahoma and Central church in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • distributed 200 Bibles to 10 congregations donated by the Bluestarr church of Christ in Claremore, Oklahoma
  • Four obeyed Christ in baptism

Feeding Program at Twinville church of Christ


Feeding Program at Twinville church of Christ


Bible Study at Cainta church of Christ


Thursday Women’s Bible Study at Joy’s house in Balubad


Graduation of the Tutorial kids at Twinville church of Christ


Children at Payatas church of Christ praying before the Feeding Program


Jasper and Justine giving away food to the hungry


children getting new dresses given by the ladies at Blue Starr church of Christ


Thank you so much for all your prayers, encouragement and financial support.

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Philippine Mission 

Another blessed month has passed and truly our Lord never ceased to bless all our work
as long as we work from the heart and give our life to Him.

Parents Bible School Program

The PBSP or Parents Bible School Program creates partnership with the Church…they
are active every time we have church activities and some of them are regularly
attending Church services every Sunday. We are all praying that some of them will
obey God’s Word…we believe that we need to plant and water them and God will give
the increase.

Bible School for Young Boys/Girls

Our students was also trained to do an actual evangelism by going house to house tracts
distribution, they are now active in helping on our monthly feeding program and even
go to other places help to door knocking evangelism….they also studied how to sing
correctly under bro. Elhmir Saison.

Door Knocking/Church Leaders Metro-wide Fellowship

Church Leaders from other churches of Christ in Metro Manila held their monthly
meeting at Friendship Rd. Church of Christ chapel in Marikina City. They all go out to
seek the lost together with some door knockers…and it was great to see that all brethren
joined together in house to house campaign even rain pours heavily…but God is good
He makes the rain stops.

Tutorial Center Ministry

Our Children in tutorial centers are now ready for the coming examination on the month
of December, some of them can read phrases already and it was a great development
considering that majority of them are only 5 years old. Our kids really enjoy tutorial
center and they love to study here and they are always excited on Sunday school.This
coming December they will have fantasy party and all of them are very excited.


The Lord added another soul in His kingdom, Joma decided to obey Jesus in baptism
after learning the importance of obeying God’s Word. He thought faith is enough for
one to secure his salvation. We are all rejoicing on his obedience.

Feeding Program

The Twinville Church of Christ decided to have monthly feeding program in order to
plant on the mind of souls that the Lord’s love them and that the Lord used the church
to show His love to all. The brethren participated on this ministry by giving their
contribution financially in preparing food for the program. One good thing in this
monthly program, we can import the tutorial parents to help us in cooking food for the

Sunday School

Sister Eileen showed her zeal and love in teaching the children during Sunday
school…she created many activities for the kids after reading Bible stories. She even
teach Sunday school at Friendship Road every 2nd and fourth Sunday.

HOME Bible Study

Our regular home Bible study with the brethren in Balubad phase 1 continues and was
able to invite some souls in the neighborhood to study the Bible. We will have tracts
distribution after our Bible study.

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Thank You

As we close the year, we would like to say thank you first of all to God Almighty who is always there to guide the ministry. We give glory and honor to Him as we c ontinue to share His Word to others. We would like to thank each and everyone who untirelessly help us in every way they can to make it going and serve in whatever capacity they can. God bless each of you as we spread His love to those who need Him most.


Wichita, Kansas:

In September, our team went to Bluestarr Church of Christ in Claremore, Oklahoma. We presented to the elders and the  missions committee about the work that we do in the Philippines. We served some Filipino dinner and showed some powerpoint. They enjoyed the event.  In October Metro Manila Ministries had a fundraising at the Wichita Asian Festival. We sold items made from the Philippines and Filipino desserts. It was a successful event with many who donated their time and effort while Remy was away.

Manila, Philippines:

World Grace and Helping Hands, Inc. continues to have seminars about how to become servants of God. They hold it at Manila School of Evangelism. They also have another outreach in Payatas church of Christ, a really poor community in Quezon City. The preacher died this year and the work there is continuing through his son. WGHH is trying to establish programs so the church will be revived and help the community through feeding program, livelihood and Bible studies.

The Twinville church of Christ is still continuing their effort in reaching out to the community through the Tutorial program. They have many activities the last few months that people around the area know about the church. They are training young people to become leaders of tomorrow and teaching Stunday school to the children. During the week the workers go to the depressed area to teach the children. Please pray for the continued success of the work there and the workers have more strength in reaching out.

What is Ahead:

Dale, Remy, Jasper and Justine together with a group from Missouri will be going on a mission trip in January. They will be there on different times to do ladies retreat, teach the children, have Bible studies and  help out witht the needs in the churches there. They are asking for your prayers as they go and share God’s love to others. If you want to help out with the ministry, you can send your taz deductible contribution through Metro Manila Ministries. Thank you so much for your untiring love and support.

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