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 Marikina/Cubao Mission Update

Rainy season is here again and millions of students in the Philippines started school year 2011-2012.



Street Bible study in Balubad area goes on. Many children are very eager to hear Bible stories from bro. Sammy Rimorin. The elementary students are gaining more knowledge in the scriptures in the teaching of bro. Steve. The adults are getting stronger in the faith from the Word of God under bro. Danni.


Philip Kingsley and Matt Huebert together with Sean Sellers devoted their timepresentation1.jpg in teaching the lost souls and strengthening the faith of Christian youth in Marikina and other places of Metro Manila. These three future missionaries were able to construct temporary shelter for Sunday school at Twinville Church.



We conducted Bible stories, devotional class of young and adults and Bible class for non-Christians during the feeding program for poor kids in Balubad area. There are more than hundred kids attended the feeding program.


 061120113079.jpgThe Friendship Road Church hosted another door knocking evangelism campaign last June 11. Many brethren coming from different Churches of Christ around Metro Manila helps the Friendship Road Church.


Our tutorial centers in three areas (Cubao, Friendship Road & Twinville Church) started this month in order to bring Jesus in the lives of every parent. This school year we had 160 children aged 3 to 6 years old enrolled in our tutorial. Tutorial center is one of the effective ways in preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus to lost souls. We always have parent’s orientation before the school year began in order to explain the main purpose of the Church why we conducted the free tutorial class for children.



In Cubao, teacher sis. Salve Montano is doing great and the kids are very attentive to her. Bro. Danni is in-charge in teaching the parents every Thursday morning.


Brother Mike Altariba our teacher in Friendship road does his styles in getting the attention and participation of nursery and prep children. Bro. Danni also teaching the parents here every Friday morning.



Our new teacher sis. Jenny Saavedra came all the way from Davao city to join the mission team of Marikina. She is now teaching the nursery and prep students at Twinville. The parents alsp6284700.JPGo have Friday Bible class with brother Danni every Friday afternoon.


 Always abounding in the work of the Lord with steadfastness by mission workers resulted with another five precious souls obeyed the Gospel. Jhemmllea Grace Tutor a 19 year old mother to be, Dana Mica Cansillo a high school student, Jennilyn Belardo is a niece of sis. Joy Bianan, Rommel Ocenar invited by his classmate bro. Kenneth, Jelly Rivera and Maricel Rodriguez met by bro. Danni at supermarket and were invited to attend high school Bible class. They all decided to be baptized after they heard the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.


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 Marikina/Cubao Mission UpDate May 2011

 Month of May is another fruitful and blessed month for our mission work here in the Philippines.

 Many individuals are becoming more and more interested to learn the Word of God as we walk where our Lord Jesus walked.


VBS @ Cubao & Twinville Church...

Last month we condcuted VBS at Balubad ressetlement area and at Friendship Road. This month we have VBS at Cubao and Twinville Church. The group of ladies in Cubao help one another in conducting the summer workshop and Bible lectures for children.




The VBS in Twinville was conducted by the mission workers (bros. Danni, Steve, Sammy & Mike) with the help of sister Rose May and sister Rhecel Allonar from Davao.


Mission work...The Sellers family (Sis. Prissy, Matthew and Hope) visited Marikina and help the mission team for the furtherance of His kingdom. They conducted seminars for ladies and Group Bible studies in Balubad area. The Sellers conducted seminar about “Missing Link” in the growth of congregation. They used the tutorial center started by bro. Danni in Marikina as the “missing link”. There are three congregation that will start their own tutorial center this month of June and the Sellers help them to look for one time supporter that will provide them tutorial kit composed of cabinet, tables, chairs, Bible cd’s, teaching materials, dvd and tv.


Ladies seminar conducted by sis. Prissy Sellers at Friendship Road Church. The women were inspired by her teaching on becoming faithful everyday to our God.


Youth Fund Raising...

Every the youth in Twinville Church have their own fund raising by collecting junks at the neighborhood. They always have devotionals and prayers before they went out in groups to collect junk materials. After the work they have bonding and lunch fellowship.




God added another soul in His kingdom, eight more souls decided to be immersed for the remission of their sins. Another soul need to be nourished to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit and become faithful to death.


Church Leaders Retreat...Brother Eusebio Tanicala is the lone speaker for the church leaders retreat held in Tagaytay city. We have lectures and workshops on how to apply the leadership in every congregation to be seen by the neighborhood and be a good example to all brethren. It was great bonding time for leaders of Churches of Christ around Luzon.

Welcome Philip & Matt...



We are blessed to have a young missionary in the person of Philip Kingsley and Matt Huebert in Balubad area. They arrived last May 28 and their presence gave big impact to young people in the area as well as the adults. They were all inspired as they saw the passion of this two young missionary. They preach and conducted lectures/overnight prayer meeting for the youth. They also lead devotional during their swimming fellowship.

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De Castro COC Report

The month of May 2011 started with me meeting Salvador Cariaga, my mentor of 10 years.  I haven’t seen him for a long time and I was excited to see him because he stands like a father to me.  We didn’t have the luxury of time because he needs to pick up Sis.Moi Chee who is arriving at the airport from Singapore.  When we had an opportunity to finally talk, my mentor looked at me and started his mentoring speech as always.  Although he left for Cebu and left me with a shrugged shoulder (you have to read this article so you will know what we have discussed) he did left a valuable realization that made me think – I have to raise the congregation’s lid.

After a lot of prayers, I organized a core-group from the congregation who will commit to help carry the burden of the local church.  In the core group are Bro. Cezar Ola and Sis. Rose Ola, Bro. Manuel Buhisan and Sis. Joyce Gesulga-Melicado, and of course me and my wife Faith.  Last May 15, we had our first meeting at Bro. Cezar Ola’s residence where we first had a delicious lunch together and a great fellowship.  In our meeting I shared with them the vision and mission of the congregation and challenged them to be part of it.  I also challenged them to go out of their comfort zone and help support the financial needs of the local church like rental, workers’ salary, working funds, etc.  They all gave a positive feedback and we ended the meeting with each of us giving their commitment.  We may not be able to commit for the additional worker’s salary but we have all committed to help in the rental of our worship place.  We have decided that we are going to temporarily rent the mini-theater of Cambridge Village (this is just near our present place of worship at De Castro) which will also give us an opportunity to reach out to people within the village.  We had our first worship in Cambridge Village last May 29, 2011.


Another blessing to us from God is Sis.Prissy Sellers who is here in the Philippines to help out with the churches using Missing Link (a tutorial).  Our local congregation was given the privilege to have her attend worship with us and inspire us with her inspirational talk.  She also met with me and my wife and was just there to encourage us both in our work.  He is such a sweet lady with a big heart!

Our local congregation is not ready yet to host a VBS this year so what I did was coordinate with Cainta COC and asked Bro. Raj Buo if I can send the De Torres kids to go help them in their VBS.  My purpose was to expose these kids to the work because they are the future leades of the church here.  They enjoyed working for the VBS in Cainta and were very excited to start our own local VBS next summer.




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 by: Danni de Vera

 Another year of walking along with God through Jesus for all of us here in Cubao and Marikina, as Jesus said, we will take our cross and follow Him. Putting God first is our priority in order to win more souls this year 2011.


evangel1.jpgPARK EVANGELISM: The Cubao brethren held another park evangelism to invite souls to study the Bible. We will have more park evangelism this year to spread the Gospel of Christ.



p1073433.JPGPARENTS BIBLE CLASS: We started parents Bible study every Friday in all tutorial centers in order to share the Word of God and evangelized them.



 Metro Manila Ministries Thanksgiving:

 p1153502.JPGSister Remy Kingsley from Wichita, Kansas arrived last week of December and hosted the Metro Manila Ministries thanksgiving party held at Friendship Road Church of Christ. Workers from Manila School of Evangelism, Laguna Church, Pasig Church, Lagro Church, Twinville Church, Cubao Church and Friendship Road Church attended the party and fellowship. It was a wonderful fellowship because we shared together on what we are doing in different parts of Manila and strenghtening our faith in pressing toward the goal.


 FEEDING PROGRAM: We conducted another feeding p1223564.JPGprogram in the area where many children need nutritious food. In this ministry we were able to promote the Church of Christ in that area and we were able to invite them to study the Bible and attend our Sunday worship. Almost two hundred children were fed of nutritious “GOTO” rice forrage with corned beef and egg.


BAPTISM:As the year 2011 started, God added two new souls atbaptism1.jpg Twinville Church. Remedel Zamora, Jean Altariba decidedp1163524.JPG to be immersed for the forgiveness of their sins. They are faithfully attending Sunday service and they are both willing to become true disciples of Jesus.




Tutorial Center Educational Field Trip:

 p1283698.JPGThe Friendship Road Church Tutorial Center held their educational field trip at Manila Zoo last January 28. The children have a glance to see different kinds of wild animals and they also have fun playing at the play ground. The parents have their devotional study under sister Remy Kingsley and the kids enjoyed listening story from brother Mike Altariba about the monkey and the turtle. This is another way of encouraging the parents to become faithful in attending Bible study.


 9th & 3rd year Anniversary:

The church-of-christ-in-philippines.jpgFriendship Road celebrates its 9th year anniversary and the Twinville Church of Christ on its 3rd anniversary Christian service. Brother Maurice Camacho delivers beautiful message as the three congregations worship together and gives thanks to our Creator.


  MORE PICTURES: Look for January 2011 Album.!/album.php?fbid=10150115906765110&id=691885109&aid=323892







There are other works that I haven’t reported from January which I will include here so you will be encouraged; as you can see we have stepped one level higher with our work here in De Castro.  Our method is simple:  Invest, Invite, Include.  We invest on the person, we invite that person to be involved, and then we include that person in to a ministry.  I have used this same method before and I am praying that the same method will also be effective here in De Castro.






















Four young and passionate workers from the Philippine Missionary Academy in Baguio, through the coordination of Bro. Alex Coloma and WBS coordinator Bro. Bhal Lagua, came to help the congregation last January 29, 2001.  They arrived in the early morning of January 29 and on the same day helped enroll people around the vicinity for World Bible School.  In a day, they have enrolled hundreds of potential WBS correspondents.  We are hoping that this will result to more people knowing about God and His plan of salvation.


More pictures at!/album.php?id=100000960324062&aid=33437



Sis. Remy Kingsley and Bro. Aldous Echegoyen conducted seminar at the Rizal Technological University in Pasig City last January 30, 2011 with around 130 sutdents in attendance.  Bro. Aldous talked about Personal Financial Management for College Students where he taught the students how to handle the money given to them by God and how they need to be content with what they have.  Sis. Remy,on the other hand, gave am exciting awakening seminar on Personality Development.  The students were so excited to know more about their own personality and how they can relate to other personality.  It was a successful seminar in cooperation with the officers of the commerce department of RTU with their adviser Ms.Samarista.

After the seminar, we had a talk with Ms.Samarista about having small groups in the school.  She expressed her interest and even asked us if we can open the same opportunity to other courses and not just the commerce department.

This is great news!!



Ladies from De Castro and Cainta COC attended a session with Sis. Remy and Bro. Raj where they taught the ladies how they can help in the work of the church.  The ladies learned how to teach the kids in Children’s Class and now the ladies are taking care of Sunday Kid’s class and baking of the bread for the Lord’s Supper.



This month in the sermons, we discuss about ARE YOU A HELP OR A BURDEN TO THE CHURCH.  The members are very much encouraged to learn ways where they can be of help to the church and how we, as a church, can work together for the growth of Christ’s church.  The ladies are taking care of the Children’s Class and communion bread while Bro. Rocky Ola is now leading the singing during worship.  We have also appointed Sis.Doris as our church treasurer and Sis.Rose as the auditor.  We are hoping to see more volunteers for the work.




Sis.Sally was united with Christ last 16 February 2011 in baptism. She’s the sister of Sis.Elsie de Torres. She was invited by Sis.Elsie to attend Bible studies with us during our Thursday schedule. After awhile, she started attending worship with us and now, after 2 months, she is a Christian who fully understood her faith.


Sis.Elsie de Torres has been an instrument of God in bringing in more souls to Christ.  She was instrumental to the conversion of Sis.Nora and now her sister Sis. Sally.  Presently, she is opening her house for our Friday group where about 15 non-church members attends.


Last February 4, Sis.Remy and I went to the Barangay Hall of San Andres, Cainta and told them about helping children with cleft palette have their operation.  After follo-ups, last February 17 there were 5 kids brought to Quezon City for an initial check-up.  They will be asked to go back there every week for follo-up (depending on the situation) and they will be given medicines for them to get ready for the operation.  Right now, these kids need money for their fare so they can travel back and forth to Quezon City for their regular check up until they finally have their operation.  If there is any help, we will surely appreciate it.


You can see more pictures at


God has blessed our work here and many ministries are being started in the church.  I need your prayers so that I can find a partner in the work.  Right now I am trying to recruit a full-time worker for the church here to help me with the overwhelming work done here in De Castro.




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Happy new year to all those who have supported us and those who always includes us in their prayers last year.  We praise God for another year and for all the blessings he has given us last year and will be giving us this year 2011.

Merging Plans


The year opened with a lot of things to do for De Castro congregation.  One of the plans we are trying to work out is the merging of Kapitolyo COC and De Castro COC.  We had another joint fellowship last January 2 at the worship place of Kapitolyo afterwhich the men of both congregation had a meeting to finalize the merging.  Unfortunately, after a week, Kapitolyo congregation changed their mind and decided to be independent.  We do not know the exact reason but they do have our full support and will be praying for the success of their plans.


Sis. Remy Kingsley’s Visit

We were also blessed to have Sis.Remy Kingsley visit us again.  Her ministry has really helped a lot of congregation here in Metro Manila and one of these congregation is De Castro.  She brought songbooks donated from Northside COC and a lot of materials for the church especially the kids ministry.


A Thanksgiving Fellowship was also organized by Sis. Remy last January 15.  It was attended by preachers and workers who are benefited by the Metro Manila Ministries.  Bro. Felipe Cariaga gave an inspiring message challenging preachers to go on and stand up for Jesus.  After lunch, we were given the chance to share our works and plans in our respective congregation.



Evangelism Plans


Evangelism will be the focus of my work here this year.  I’m now doing a series on HOW TO BE A HELP TO THE CHURCH and is encouraging the church to be pro-active in evangelism.  Last January 16 the De Torres kids went out with my distributing flyers to invite people for a Biblical Personal Financial Management Session which we planned to do on February.  We have also invited a World Bible School (WBS) Team from Baguio City to come and do a WBS campaign here.  They will be doing a massive WBS campaign here on January 29-30.  The first day will be saturating the nearby areas and enrolling people around to WBS.  The next day will be more on follow-up on those who shows interest on WBS.


Campus Ministry

We are still slowly reaching out to the youth of Rizal Technological University (RTU) through programs that would benefit their students.  Last year we did a talk-show which was attended by more than 100 students.  This year, we were given another chance to reach out to them on January 30 where we will be speaking in front of 130 college students.  I will be speaking on Personal Financial Management while Sis. Remy Kingsley will be talking about Personality Development.  We are hoping that we can finally start a Campus Ministry in this University and be able to reach out to the student for Christ.  This university has about a thousand college student.


Angela de Torres

If you would remember Angela de Torres, you would remember that we made appeals for her.  She was supposed to have an operation on her scoliosis last year but finances did not allow her.  There were a lot of complications in the situation which I have personally helped to straighten up.  Last January 20, she was interviewed by one of the foundation here in the Philippines, the Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko Foundation.  This will be aired on January 29 on GMA network our local TV station.



Bible Study

I have a new Bible study group at Westside Floodway which is attended by about 10 people.  My schedule here is every Thursday at 10:00 in the morning.  A micro lending company who helps the community start and expand their small businesses has asked me to conduct a Bible study for this group which I gladly accepted.  I am praying that the Word of God will not be ignored here and that souls will be saved.


For more updated information and more pictures please visit our Facebook at!/profile.php?id=100000960324062

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End of the Year Update:

We would like to thank the Lord Almighty for all the blessings we received from Him this year. Through your generosity and prayers, this ministry is continuing to do God’s work over there in the Philippines and beyond.
We did some fundraising for the ministry by selling some Philippines items at the Women’s Conference, River Festival, the Asian Festival, and some other craft shows. We also did the annual garage sale. This has provided some of the needs for the ministry. Also with the generous gifts from the supporters, we are thankful for your
continued sacrificial giving and those that helped us here in the US through different events.

Marikina Church of Christ Update:


The Lord has blessed the churches in the Marikina & Cubao areas through the direction of Danni de Vera. Through The Lord’s blessings, many were accomplished this year. They did several feeding program, helped underprivileged kids through the Tutorial Center, repaired houses that were affected by the storm, had several youth activities and church activities to strengthen the families there. With these programs around 60 lost souls were saved this year. Praise God!

Muntinlupa Church Update


The Muntinlupa church have moved to their new place in June with an unfinished building. Through faith, they are constructing the building one phase at a time. They moved there with only a part of a roof and flooring. They are adding more as the Lord provides. In due time, they can now call that place their own. Thanks so much for all those who got involved in this project.

Two Churches Merged

The De Castro and Kapitolyo churches merged last month for the first time. There are no workers that can take care of the Kapitolyo church near the Pasig area and the two churches decided to join together to use the workers in De Castro to be more effective in growing. They moved to a rented building which is centrally located between the two churches. Please pray for this church to multiply and pray for more workers who will be working to make it grow.

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Cubao and Marikina Update

By: Danni de Vera

A year after the devastating flood cause by typhoon “ONDOY” still no statistic can capture the cost to human life, the toll on emotions and the little heroics that will forever etch in the memories of this generation of Filipinos. Slowly many Filipino’s are still trying to recover, in Marikina alone the damages is approximately 10 billion pesos.

Our brethren in Marikina continue to serve our God, the God who never leaves us nor forsake us.


Last September 1 three young girls age 11 and 12 decided to be immersed for the forgiveness of their sins. All of them grew in Sunday school and knows the scriptures well. They receive their first tagalong Bible after their baptism. They are faithfully attending Bible studies and worship service every Sunday. We are praying for these three young girls for their spiritual growth.


To Seek & Save is one of the greatest responsibilities that we can be proud of. This month we started our campaign at Camia Street in Twinville. Majority of the children studying in our tutorial center at Twinville lives in these areas. Also our Wednesday groups Bible study in Balubad Phase 1 are going strong.




 Distributing flyers in market area is one of our regular means of reaching the lost souls. We also conduct door knocking and interview evangelism.




Bro. Danni teaching Parable of the Sower makes the brethren of Cubao realized what kind of soil are they. These parables wake us all to be more faithful to the works of the Lord.



Tutorip9182321.JPGal Center

A parent meeting was held in Twinville and at Friendship road. Brother Danni teaching the way of salvation before the meeting started. This one way we can teach other parents who do not have time to attend group Bible study. Bro. Mike discusses the improvement of their children and their progress at tutorial center.


 Please see more pictures of September 2010 mission work at the following sites:!/album.php?aid=274946&id=691885109

 If you can’t access the link on the page please search on


Wichita, Kansas Update

 306.JPGThe Friday night Bible Study and fellowship resumed in September with different speakers giving devotionals every week. The topic for this season is about “Faith and Actions”. We will be done 3rd week of November and will resume again in January. It was really good convictions for Christians and non-Christians alike on how we can practice our faith and put them into works. Thank you to all who participated and spoke and those who made this season very successful with an attendance ranging from 15-30 each week. God is good and He is in control with this ministry.

Asian Festival Fundraiser:


We have a great fundraiser at the Asian Festival in Wichita, Kansas on October 30, 2010. Mylene, Philip, Matthew and Remy together with some donated Filipino desserts from Carmela and Tess sold a lot that evening for their funds to go to the Philippines next summer of 2011. We also sold crafts from the Philippines. It was a great turnout that we will double the selections of food next year! Thanks for all those who helped make this a successful one!


Blood-letting Project
We had a bloodletting project last october 16 in cooperation with other congregations around Manila and MARCH Medical Mission.  The Philippine Red Cross conducted the said bloodletting at Samar COC, Quezon City.

As reported by Bro. Raj Buo in his Facebook account, out of 35 participants of only 17 passed the screening and successfully bled.

The donated blood is intended to help fellow brethren in the future in case they need blood especially during dengue season.  The Philippine Red Cross issued card for each donor and Bro. Raj will be keeping it for future use.

Hopefully the blood will not be used by the brethren but if it is needed then there are about 17 bags available for ready use.

Big thanks to all those who supported this event.

During our meeting with Bro. Raj Buo and Bro. Sonny Catalan, they mentioned that Kapitolyo COC needed help since they do not have a full-time preacher and minister.  The first plan was to preach there in the morning and then preach at De Castro in the afternoon.  But then we thought that why not merge both congregation to uplift both congregation.

Without delay, I met with Bro. Jun Cayanan and talked about the possibility of merging both congregation.  He was very excited and relieved that they would finally have a full-time worker to take care of the congregation.  He then relayed the plan to Kapitolyo COC.

As a preliminary meeting with the men of Kapitolyo, I was invited to preach there last october 10 where I preached about Reviving their Commitment to the mission and vision of the church.

After preaching there, I reported to De Castro congregation about what we talked with the men of Kapitolyo.  We immeidately planned our first joint fellowship which was held last October 24 at De Castro.  After worship we had lunch fellowship and celebrated the birthday of Borgy the son of Bro. Cezar Ola.

We also had a meeting about the merging.  There were about 8 men during the meeting.

I also preached at Twinville COC last October 17 and I was asked to talk about giving.  After the worship we had lunch fellowship and I was given the chance to fellowship with the brethren in Marikina.

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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ

August 2010 Update

by Danni de Vera

August is the month of nutrition, a time to execute feeding program to all impoverish children. It is also time for all of us to nourish ourselves by the Word of God.

Feeding Program

Last August 2 and 3, we fed the students of tutorial center in Friendship Road and in Twinville tutorial center. In this program we were able to encourage children’s parent to visit us every Sunday and listen to the Word of God and eventually established Bible study at their homes. Next October we will have another big feeding program for 500 children’s in Balubad Phase 2.


As part of metro wide campaign we continue to help other churches of Christ on their campaign to herald the Word of God by doing door knocking campaign. Last August 13, we attended the campaign hosted by Metro South Church of Christ in Makati City. This is also time for leaders of Churches of Christ around Metro Manila to hold their monthly meeting.

Last August 28 we also conducted door knocking at Cubao and we were able to encourage 15 souls to study the Bible thru correspondence and we also visited the students of our tutorial center in Cubao church.


Bro. Danni started the series of “the Parable of Jesus” in Cubao Church in order to stir the faith of the brethren to become mission minded.


To Seek & Save the lost  must be the mission of every Christian today. We continue to teach the Word of God everyday by conducting home and street evangelism for young and adults. We regularly held Bible study in different places in Marikina city and also in Cubao, Quezon City.

Visitation is one of the main factors in encouraging souls to continue studying the Bible. We regularly conducted surprise visitation to all our Bible students especially parents of our students in tutorial center.


Three souls were added by the Lord in His kingdom in Cubao (2) and Marikina (1), all of them are parents of our students in tutorial center. Tutorial cent

Tutorial Center

Our tutorial centers in three areas (Cubao, Friendship Road & Twinville) continue to educate little children on how to read and write. We are now planning to have 1st inter-tutorial quiz bee before the end of the year.

25 Years of Christian Service

25 years of Christian service is already milestone for Cubao Church of Christ. They held their thanksgiving last August 15 at Camp Aguinaldo near in Cubao area. On its 25 years they were able to accomplish their goals in having permanent place and planting church of our Lord. They were very thankful to God and for all the brethren who help Cubao in her mission. Now, they continue to press on toward the goal on becoming self supporting congregation.

Please see more pictures of August 2010 mission work at the following sites:

If you can’t access the link on the page please search on

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