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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ

August 2010 Update

by Danni de Vera

August is the month of nutrition, a time to execute feeding program to all impoverish children. It is also time for all of us to nourish ourselves by the Word of God.

Feeding Program

Last August 2 and 3, we fed the students of tutorial center in Friendship Road and in Twinville tutorial center. In this program we were able to encourage children’s parent to visit us every Sunday and listen to the Word of God and eventually established Bible study at their homes. Next October we will have another big feeding program for 500 children’s in Balubad Phase 2.


As part of metro wide campaign we continue to help other churches of Christ on their campaign to herald the Word of God by doing door knocking campaign. Last August 13, we attended the campaign hosted by Metro South Church of Christ in Makati City. This is also time for leaders of Churches of Christ around Metro Manila to hold their monthly meeting.

Last August 28 we also conducted door knocking at Cubao and we were able to encourage 15 souls to study the Bible thru correspondence and we also visited the students of our tutorial center in Cubao church.


Bro. Danni started the series of “the Parable of Jesus” in Cubao Church in order to stir the faith of the brethren to become mission minded.


To Seek & Save the lost  must be the mission of every Christian today. We continue to teach the Word of God everyday by conducting home and street evangelism for young and adults. We regularly held Bible study in different places in Marikina city and also in Cubao, Quezon City.

Visitation is one of the main factors in encouraging souls to continue studying the Bible. We regularly conducted surprise visitation to all our Bible students especially parents of our students in tutorial center.


Three souls were added by the Lord in His kingdom in Cubao (2) and Marikina (1), all of them are parents of our students in tutorial center. Tutorial cent

Tutorial Center

Our tutorial centers in three areas (Cubao, Friendship Road & Twinville) continue to educate little children on how to read and write. We are now planning to have 1st inter-tutorial quiz bee before the end of the year.

25 Years of Christian Service

25 years of Christian service is already milestone for Cubao Church of Christ. They held their thanksgiving last August 15 at Camp Aguinaldo near in Cubao area. On its 25 years they were able to accomplish their goals in having permanent place and planting church of our Lord. They were very thankful to God and for all the brethren who help Cubao in her mission. Now, they continue to press on toward the goal on becoming self supporting congregation.

Please see more pictures of August 2010 mission work at the following sites:

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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ

June 2010 Update

by Danni de Vera

Rain or shine the gospel of our Lord Jesus must be preached to all. Month of June is the start of another school year and rainy season in the whole archipelago of Philippine Island.


Another three souls were added by the Lord in His kingdom at Marikina Church. Last June 2, after midweek Bible studies at Twinville and Friendship Road, Cyrus, Aj and Nerissa decided to be baptized.

Parent’s orientation

Tutorial Center starts its school year 2010-2011 with the orientation of parents. It was conducted in three locations where the free tutorial center was held (Cubao, Friendship Road, and Twinville).

Father’s Day

A tribute for all father of Friendship Road Church during father’s day was a big surprised to all. Sunday schoolers gave token to each of them. Bro. Danni spoke about the importance of having a father in family but he preaches that there is only one great FATHER in heaven that will never leave us nor forsake us.

Good Samaritan

Young People and some ladies joined the Good Samaritan group in cleaning and painting the church building of friendship road Church of Christ. The Good Samaritan is once a month ministry of Friendship Road Church it was also bonding time for men and time to discuss their plans and evangelism activities.

Tutorial Center 2010-2011

The Children are very much excited on their first day of school in our tutorial center in three locations (Cubao, Friendship road and Twinville). They also received their free bags, pad papers, pencils, erasers and notebooks.

The youth lead in worship service

 Training young men to lead in worship service is a great job that every man loves. It was a joy to see young men leading in praising and worshipping our Almighty God in heaven thru Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

 More church activities

Planting the word of God in the heart of men continue in Cubao, Friendship Road and in Twinville by distributing leaflets, door knocking, conducting home and street Bible studies and children bible school.

Youth Overnight Prayer meeting held at Twinville before the opening of the school. This is a great bonding time and fellowship of the youth in order to have one mind on pressing toward the goal.
Please see more pictures of our JUNE 2010 mission work at:

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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ

July 2010 UpDate

by Danni de Vera

Starting this month of July, the Philippines will experience more typhoons. The Philippines will again face another danger of more floods and landslides. We are all praying that there will be no typhoon “ONDOY” part 2 as the weather bureau warned that there is possibility another disaster if more typhoons enter the area of responsibility of the Philippines.


Bro. Steve Sepulveda was in-charged to teach young people age 11 up on our mission campaign at Balubad area. After series of lessons about way of salvation, four young lad decided to be baptized for the remissions of their sins. At their very young age they understood the essential of baptism in order to be saved and be added by the Lord in the Body of Jesus. Bernard also decided to be immersed after hearing bro. Danni’e preaching about true meaning of baptism. He is a devoted baptist before he learned about the Church of Christ.


Bro. Danni ended his series of lectures about “the work of the Lord” in Cubao Church of Christ. He will continue doing seminar once a month at Cubao church. Next topic on his seminar will be “Parable of Christ”; this series of seminar will bring the Church at Cubao in preparing and becoming self supporting congregation.


Series of teaching the Word of God is a daily routine of Church mission team in Marikina and in Cubao despite of occasional rain. They continue to plant the seed (word of God) to the hear6t of men by house to house Bible study and distributing leaflets.

Tutorial Center 2010-2011

Tutorial center is one of the most effective ways in winning souls in Cubao and Marikina. In this ministry we can lay down the foundation of friendship before teaching the Bible to every parent of children studying in our tutorial center.

Team Bonding

Team bonding was started by brother Danni last July 9 in order to promote unity and teamwork among mission workers of Cubao, Marikina and Pasig. On this bonding we can talks about helping one another in propagating the Kingdom of God. Next month we will try to invite the mission of workers of Antipolo and Cainta in order to widen the communication among the mission team.

Please see more pictures of our July mission work at the following sites:

If you can’t access the link on the page please search at


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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ


Flowers are blooming all over Baguio City the summer capital of the Philippines. May is flower festival in our country and many cities are conducting what they call “Santacruzan”. But for mission workers their faith is always blooming in order to encourage more people to study the Word of God.

Medical Missip4300760.JPGon

Another pediatric/dental medical mission was conducted at Twinville Church in cooperation with the M.A.R.C.H mission. Bible studies was established at Balubad area after the Medical mission. Three souls were also baptized as a results of constant follow up/Bible studies of mission workers. Most of all the Church of Christ was known in their new location.

Ladies Retr2.jpgeat

The ladies of Cubao and Marikina held their annual retreat and their theme “Taking Steps to Christian Maturity” is needed towards educating young ladies in the church. It was held at Tagaytay City where the famous Taal volcano located.

Mother’s Dgreatest-mom-of-friendship-road-church-of-christ.JPGay

The Mother is the heart and light of the family, the whole world are celebrating Mother’s day. It was time for the Church in Cubao, Friendship Road and Twinville to give cheer and thanks to our faithful mother.

Vacation Bp5110998.JPGible School

Vacation Bible School is usually held on this month, it was common activities of Churches of Christ all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces are conducting this kind of summer school for all children and youth in the Church. The Cubao, Friendship Road and Twinville also invited children around neighborhood in order to promote the Church and the tutorial center for the glory of God.





8 more souls were baptized for the forgiveness of their sins this month in the kingdom of God. Three of them were going to attend in Cubao and the other five in Friendship and Twinville respectively.


Bible Studies

Preaching the Word of God to all creatures continue in order to win more souls for the Lord. Bible studies, door knocking, constant visitation are the main priority of the mission workers.

Felp5291312.JPGlowship @ Twinville

Before the end of this month the Twinville church held fellowship to give thanks to God for the place they are now using as church building. They have fun after having devotional and lunch.

Please see more pictures of our MAY 2010 mission work at:!/album.php?aid=221534&id=691885109&ref=mf

If you can’t link on the page please search on


Report by: ALDOUS ECHEGOYEN (De Castro COC-Minister)

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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ

Paul said in Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Despite of global warming and very hot weather in the Philippines, the Cubao and Marikina continue to do well unto all men by preaching the Word and by helping the needy.

Youth Bonding040220101518.jpg

It was great time to conduct youth bonding on this month becaue it was two months summer break to all schools here in the Philippines. Last April 2 the youth of Cubao, Friendship Road & Twinville Marikina held their overnight prayer youth fellowship. Philip Kingsley the guest lecturer did wonderful job in stirring the faith of the youth during lectures. John Philippe Fernandez and Rhaymark Bianan was trained to become a youth leader someday led the youth in the all night affair.

National Yonyc-1.jpguth Camp

Twenty One youth from Cubao & Marikina participated in NYC 2010 held at Indang, Cavite City. The young people of Churches of Christ around the Philippines became survivors during the NYC because their theme this year is “Surviving the evil days thru Jesus Christ.” It was a four day camp with lectures, fellowship and games for the youth in order to become the true survivor for Jesus.

p4150536.JPGBible Studies

Planting the seeds on every heart of man continue in order to win more souls for Christ. The mission team does its work without wavering under the scorching heat of mighty Sun. They conduct Bible studies even the Philippines experience the hottest weather so far since 1950’s. May the Lord bless our work in His vineyard.

p4160543.JPGISBS Summer School

Brother Danni together with bro. Steve conducted summer school for Marikina brethren using the ISBS basic courses he finished from the school. Classes start at 9:30 am to 2 pm every Saturday.


12 more souls were added by the Lord in HIS kingdom at Cubao (1) and Twinville Marikina (11) as the results of continues planting the Word of God by mission workers.  The 11 souls in Marikina are the results of tutorial center ministry and the one added in Cubao is the result of “Text mo…Tanggap mo Bible lessons” flyers distribution.


New Wp4170574.JPGorship Place

The Twinville Church has its new place to worship the Lord every Sunday, thanks to our Almighty God. They conducted their first worship last April 17.

Please see more pictures of our APRIL 2010 mission work at:!/album.php?aid=221534&id=691885109&ref=mf

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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ

by: Danni de Vera

The on-going “El Nino” or global warming created lot of problem in the entire Philippine archipelago. Billions of pesos lost because many rice fields were destroyed due to very hot weather that results to drought.

But the Word of God must be preached in season and out of season. The work of the Lord continues in Cubao area and in Marikina area.

Preachin25904_399457488759_627558759_5010086_1295500_s1.jpgg the Word

Preaching the Word of God in season and out season must be done in order to win more souls. We continue reaching the lost souls thru conducting Bible study to the kids and to their parents at Balubad daycare center. Balubad daycare center is under the management of DSWD Marikina chapter. We also conduct monthly regular feeding program in this school.

Group Bible studies also done weekly in Balubad areas both in 030520101086.jpgphase 1 and phase 2. Sis. Remy Kingsley visiting us and help us in mission field teach the women in phase 1. She also help us teaching non-christian and became an influence to all women in Twinville church @ Balubad. Sis. Prissy during her stay also works hard in winning more souls by conducting one-on-one Bible study in the area.


Strengt031420101216.jpghe030720101119.jpgning the Faith

Seminars for Men’s, Ladies and youth were conducted by visiting brothers and sisters. Bro Derin Dopps and bro Tim O Neal conducted men’s seminar at Caloocan Church building, Sister Prissy Sellers and Remy Kingsley conducted ladies seminar at Marikina Church building and Philip Kingsley conducted youth seminar at Cubao church building. Seminars like this are great help to strengthen the faith of the brethren in order to focus their life to press on toward the goal.

Feedin031120101160.jpgg Program

The Balubad mission team’s goal for the year 2010 is to feed two thousand children at Balubad area. They are planning to feed at least 500 kids every quarter of this year. Last March 11 they started to do this goal and to their amazement with God’s provision they were able to feed more than 600 children. In this kind of ministry the Church of Christ has been known in the community and was able to invite people to study the Bible.


Medical Mission

The Cubao church held their Pediatric Medical mission with the help of M.A.R.C.H. medical mission ministry. They held this limited medical mission in order to concentrate on those children’s that needs medical attention and most of all we can bring their family to our Lord’s church. M.A.R.C.H. mission helps a lot of Churches of Christ in the Philippines in conducting this kind of charity works to serve our neighbors and to preach the Word of God!


Thirteen precious souls were added by the Lord in His Kingdom 12 in Marikina and 1 in Cubao Church. This is because of God’s guidance thru our Tutorial Center, Feeding Program and constant Bible study and visitation. The saying is true…”if you plant…then you will reap”, planting the seeds in season and out of season to the heart of every men is indeed the best way to win more souls for the Lord.


031520101258.jpgTutorial Center Graduation

After one year of hardship in teaching the kids on how to write, read, and count and Bible stories they receive their certificate as the proud parents watch them accepting it. Those receive special awards and honors are very happy as their parents put the medals to them. Some of them are now ready and confident going to elementary level. This school year 2009-20010 the numbers of graduates are 32 and there are 31 souls (parents and relatives of kids) were baptized and added by the Lord in His church. Tutorial center is one the big tool to bring more souls to the Lord.

Goo032620101386.jpgd Samaritan

The Good Samaritan is one of the ministry of Marikina churches of Christ in cooperation with the Metro Manila ministries. Here the mission workers help bro. Bok and sis Jasmin building their small house with the M.A.R.C.H. mission provided the construction materials.

Please see more pictures of our MARCH 2010 mission work at:

If you can’t link on the page @ facebook please search

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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ: Evangelism campaign…

cubao03101.jpgcubao03102.jpgWe continue to reach the lost souls by teaching the Gospel of Chirst in streets near at Cubao Church building, in tracts distributions at bussiness area and door knocking. Last February 13 we also hosted the monthly door knocking at Friendship Road Marikina city and brethren from different Churches of Christ help us in reaching the lost.

 Feeding Ministry…

cubao03103.jpgThe feeding ministry continues to share the love of Jesus to every kid in a remorse place of Marikina City, the Balubad area. This is the area where many kids cannot go to school due to poverty. Thru this ministry many parents started hearing the Word of God and learned about the Church of Christ. We have now three areas in Balubad where we conducted the regular feeding program


Bible Studies …

cubao03104.jpgRegular Bible studies conducted by mission team led by brother Danni continue to plant the Word of God to every listener. Brother Sammy also conducted regular Bible studies for kids in two areas at Balubad. They also distributed toothbrush, toothpaste and noodles to the kids.


cubao03105.jpgSister Remy Kingsley and sister Prissy Sellers together with Philip Kingsley visited the mission work in Marikna and helped them in teaching the lost souls.

 Tutorial Center Annual Field Trip …

cubao03106.jpgcubao03107.jpgcubao03108.jpgThe annual field trip of Tutorial Center was held last February 19 at one of the park in Quezon City. The kids enjoyed seeing the animals in small zoo at the park. Sister Prissy Sellers conducted devotional to the parents after lunch fellowships and the parents are very attentive. The kids enjoyed singing at the park and listening to Bible stories conducted by bro. Mike.


cubao03109.jpgTen precious souls were added by the Lord in His Kingdom at Marikina Church as the results of planting the Word of God to every heart of lost souls.

 See more pictures log on at:

search for:

 Muntinlupa Church of Christ Update:

Greetings in the name of our Great God.

 muntinlupa03101.JPGmuntinlupa03101.JPG Last December 23 we had three baptisms, Patricia Alfaro, Krissiane Amor Macayan, Val Libramonte at villalim swimming pool. Patricia Alfaro and Krissiane Amor Macayan are classmates both are 4th year high school students and will be graduating this next month March, and they plan to continue in college on June. Val Libramonte is a fruit vendor and single and lives by himself, he came to know the Lord by referral of a friend, conducted Bible studies twice a week which ended up with the Lord opening his heart to accept Christ through baptism. 

muntinlupa03102.JPGDecember 27,  I spoke at Imus Congregation in cavite for their 13th church’s anniversary. This neighboring

congregation is an hour’s drive from Muntinlupa, I was glad to share with them “Being Grateful and Thankful of God’s Blessings”. The fellowshipping was great and the food was good.


muntinlupa03103.JPGJanuary 2, I officiated a wedding in bicol region. The couple Bro. Armen Alarin and Sis Michelle Martinez  has requested my dad who is preaching in Daet Camarines Norte to contact me to officiate their marriage.  . They are Christians attending a house church  in Macogon, Labo Camarines Norte. They invited their friends to witness how we conduct marriage in the church and they are glad to hear about the sacredness of marriage in God’s eyes, the responsibilities of both husband and wife and how God design a family to give glory to him. The reaction of their friends and relatives that are not Christians yet is positive and the food was excellent. This is the first time that I really enjoyed the food in the wedding the province.


muntinlupa03104.JPGJanuary 4, first Sunday of the month of 2010 preached in Daet and Dagang congregation in bicol. I was supposed to go back in Muntinlupa after the wedding but my dad was hospitalized so we stay back till he gets a little better. Speaking again to this small congregation in Dagang who meets in their house is encouraging, I have known them for many years but I don’t see them very often


muntinlupa03105.JPGJanuary 8, Friday we are already back in Metro Manila and I was requested by the brethren in Tondo to officiate the wedding of Bro. Gerry De Vera and Sis Freecarlchi Morales, its about 2 hours drive from our place. Bro Gerry is an engineer who works in Dubai and Sis Freecarlchi is a lawyer in metro manila she hopes to join her husband in Dubai in a few months. I have known sis Freecarlchi’s parents since I was a teenager, I guess this is why they want me to officiate Freecarlchi’s wedding.


It has been a very busy month for us in Muntinlupa, and I have always thought of being on time with my update but most of the time it is delayed, my apology. God bless you all.


In His service,

Greg Q. Gallardo, Jr.

Mission Trip, Philippines:

We are now in the PHILIIPPINES doing mission work in the Manila area and surrounding places. There are 18 baptisms so far and more that are studying God’s Word.

 Highlights of our trip include the following:

  • Feeding of over 500 children and adults  on March 11 in Balubad, Marikina City. This is such a blessing to see the children fed physically (rice porridge and juice) and spiritually through Christian songs and stories.
  • Medical Missions in Cubao, Quezon City on March 13. Over one hundred children have been treated physically. The workers here will follow up on those interested in studying the Bible. We are blessed to have so many volunteers. Dr. Derin Dopps and Ezra volunteered their time and effort in seeing all the patients.
  • Did many seminars like “How to Teach Sunday School” by Prissy Sellers. Dozens of congregations from the Metro Manila areas and Cavite participated in this very informative seminar. She also presented “Women of the Word’ based on Titus 2 on how women will be good examples in whatever age levels they are.  She also did seminars on “Four Personality Types” and ” Keys to Loving Relationship”. She presented these to several churches on how we get along with each other and understand each other to be effective in serving the Lord.
  • Tim and Derin preached in several churches on two consecutive Sundays they were here in March and did an excellent job in encouraging the church on evangelism. They preached in the Balubad,Friendly church (Marikina City), De Castro (Pasig), and Makati congregation.
  • Philip had one on one Bible studies with the teenagers (his age group) and baptized more than one dozen of them. He also helped the youth in their activities in raising funds for the upcoming National Youth Camp in April by having garage sales, and selling recycled items.
  • The group also have and still continuing having one on one Bible studies. So far as of this printing, there are 25 people baptized into Christ for the remission of their sins.
  • Graduation of 21 students from the Tutorial Center from Balubad and Friendly churches. The students received their recognition and medals on March 15th. Through this ministry, the church bond with the community and it is easier to set up Bible studies with them. There are already dozens converted and more Bible studies set up in the last three ye
  • The ministry also helped in rebuilding those houses devastated by typhoon Ondoy. A number of houses are now being repaired. They just need boards and nails to put their houses together.


With little things that we do for His glory like giving medicines to the sick, giving food to the needy, sharing the gospel, praying for those who need prayers and uplifting Christians and non-Chritians, the love of Christ is being shown and more are drawn to Christianity and as a result become stronger in their faith. That is the reason what the ministry is for in this area and beyond. Thank you very much for your prayers and support. We will still be here until April 10 and fly back to Wichita to continue the work the Lord has given us.



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Marikina and Balubad Church of Christ Update: 

cubao12096.jpgThe brethren in Marikina worship together in one roof after the devastating flood. Brethren from Balubad came and worship the Lord even full of mud on their feet and clothes. Some of them wear slippers and clothes come from relief. Brother Danni emotionally preach that God still in control despite of tragedy and trials that all of us encountered. He tells his experience of sinking on muddy water and rising for new life. All of us cried together and sing praises to God, God touched the heart of three souls who studied the Bible regularly before the flood and immediately they asked bro. Danni to be baptized for the forgiveness of their sins. God is GREAT!


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Sta. Lucia Church of Christ Update:

 This is an account on what happened to the church over there and family members:
Sept. 29, 2009
Dear Family and Friends,Greetings in the name of the Lord! We are writing to you to appeal for help for the victims of the recent typhoon in Manila. The storm dropped 17 inches of rain in a 12 hour period causing a dike to break. The flash flood that resulted killed many and displaced many, many more. Remy’s parents’ and other relatives’ houses were submerged in the flood waters. The water rose in a matter of 20 minutes so people had no time to prepare. One of the preachers that we support almost lost his life rescuing other people and spent a day with his family(including his pregnant wife) on the roof of a neighbor‘s house waiting to be rescued himself. Some people died and many others are unaccounted for. With the water subsiding, rebuilding is now underway. In the area where we have a ministry, most houses were made of boarded shacks. Those houses are all gone, washed away by the flood. We are trying to help them get basic items such as food, clothing and shelter so they can survive. God is in control of this situation and we pray that through this tragedy, many people will see their need for a better relationship with God and our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
If you want to donate for recovery effort, please send your tax – deductible contributions to:
Metro Manila Ministries
P.O. bOX 47261
Wichita, KS 67201-4726
Be assured that all pennies will go directly to those that were affected by the typhoon. If you have any questions, just call me at 316-943-6178.
Thank you very much for your generosity and the love that you are showing to others in times of need.
In Christian love,
The Kingsleys
(Dale, Remy, Mylene & Philip)
Sept. 29, 2009
Today, I was on the phone all day trying to contact my family. I finally got through this evening and they told me that the water subsided but there’s a lot of damage in their houses and mud all over. Everything is ruined. They don’t have any clothes left as well. The smell is so bad because there are dead animals like cats and dogs, They have to get their food in another part of town where there is electricity. They don’t have any electricity nor phone service yet. They have to charge their cell phone somewhere else.
I also talked to Danni de Vera, a preacher from Marikina church telling me that the husband of Novi, one of the members of the church that got affected died by electrocution last Saturday while the flood was rising up. Also one member of the Pasig church is almost due to have a baby. They have not been back to their place yet and see the damage. This is a family of eight and will be needing a lot since they lost everything.
He also have been in contact with some members and they will be distributing food and water this week to provide for their basic needs.
They asked us to send anything that they can use for everyday living like clothing, towels, bedsheets, etc.
The churches over there also lost all their songbooks, Bibles and teaching materials. They asked for help in this matter.
God is still in control. It will take time for them to get back to normal but with the help of the Lord through us, it will be better. Please pray for all the people that are affected. Donations are still accepted.
Thanks to all and God’s blessings.
the Kingsleys
Oct. 1, 2009
flood1.jpgflood2.jpgflood4.jpgflood5.jpgflood6.jpgflood9.jpgHello! I want to update everybody on how my family and the churches over there are coping with the situation. At my parents’ place, the water subsided and they are cleaning all the mud inside the house. Their things were all damaged and the church songbooks, Bibles and materials for teaching at the home church are all gone. My dad and brother buried 30 dogs and cats yesterday. The place near their houses smell so bad and my dad said that he is so exhausted. (He’s76 years old). There is still water at my brother’s house which is not far from where my parents live so they can’t turn the electricity yet…that’s almost a week without power. They buy their food in another town since it is too expensive to buy it nearby. They are coping slowly. They are tired but their spirit is high. One positive thing that happened amidst this tragedy is a new baby is born yesterday. Elsie, a member of the Sta. Lucia church had a healthy baby girl. It was her due date while she was on top of the roof of their house when the typhoon hit. They have not been back to their house yet since the water subsided. Please uplift them in your prayers.
On the other part of town where Danni de Vera (preacher at Marikina) lives, the water subsided. He told me yesterday that he’s going to distribute food and water to to the brethren in Marikina area. He has not been back to his house yet and see the damage and he’s already doing something good for others.
The Metro Manila Ministries sent some funds today and will be there tomorrow for them to use and buy basic things that they need. We are praying that more people will donate and help them get back on their feet. Sometimes we just don’t think about the blessings that we have until it is taken away from us. I feel their pain but I know the Lord has a purpose for all of this. If you want to help, just let me know.
Please see pictures of my parents’ house and neighborhood.
Remy Kingsley
Metro Manila Ministries
October 4, 2009
The Metro Manila Ministries sent funds to the victims over there. The churches over there are now working hard in giving food, water and some necessities needed for those affected in the Balubad, Marikina and Sta. Lucia areas. If there are some funds left, they will help in the rebuilding of the boarded shacks where most of the brethrens live in that area. Regarding my family in the Sta. Lucia, Pasig area, they are now cleaning up the mess. Piles and piles of garbage are being stack up on the streets to be collected. It is so much mess after the flood but they have to start out fresh. Two people in their neigborhood died due to the flooding. They will have funerals this week. Please continue to pray for those families that lost their loved ones and also for those who are affected by the typhoon.
We also praise the Lord that the other typhoon that is supposed to hit last week diverted in the northern area of Manila and not in a densely populated part. God is good. We praise Him for his continued care for all.
I would like to thank all that prays for this disaster and for those who has given to those in need. Some of you gave sacrificially and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Some collected basic things for the victims to be sent over there and I can’t thank you enough. The Lord will bless all of you as you bless others. I am still accepting donations. If you want to give, just let me know. Will update you again. Please see more pictures after the flood at the group link. Thanks.
the Kingsleys,
dale, remy, mylene and philip

Marikina church of Christ Update:

 This was an account of Danni de Vera, a worker at the Marikina area the day of the severe flooding:
It was rainy morning and the weather announced that typoon ONDOY reach the area of responsibility of the Philippines. Supposed to be we have evangelism campaign at Cubao Church of Christ but it was cancelled due to heavy rains. Around 9 am we just observed the rains and we did not expect the flash flood then suddenly the water on the road turns to muddy color. I decided to transfer the car on the highway but to no avail the water got deeper, I just park the car near the main gate of the village and run back to our house when I reach the house the water is already on waist level. We decided to climb the roof and in just a few minutes the water is very high. 8721_164368973759_627558759_3706291_4559614_n1.jpg10120_170549380109_691885109_4099075_7286337_n.jpg10120_176594905109_691885109_4147444_7166581_n1.jpg8823_276659985219_766275219_9054603_4739381_n.jpgMy family and I has been rescued from roof b4 midnight last Saturday. We stayed on a roof from around 10:20 am til midnight without any food and water. My mom, my son Idann and my pregnant wife Eileen almost lost their lives during atempted rescue around 10 in the evening the improvised boat suddenly got leak and started to wreck. God is so good we were able to push the boat at the side and I was able to hold the electric wire and step on roof gutter of a house and push my son and my wife to climb the much higher roof, my mom was able to save by a friend and we prayed and cried at the roof while heavy rains pour it was so dark our only hope is God.  Everything that we have….all our belongings including my car were submerged  in water full of mud. It was traumatic for me and my family. I even drank flood water when I started to sink during our attempt to go on the highway where water is not deep, blessedly I have a water jug tied on my body….God is so merciful He pull us on the top of the roof. All of us were safe including my dad and my older brother who is very much frightened of water. Please help also our brethren in Balubad 100% area Marikina City, 100% of them were affected and all their belongings too were submerged and some of them lost their wooded houses and a husband of our sister died. It was really a tragic for all of us. Please pray for us and help us.
My brother who lives in Las Pinas took us temporarily on his house in order to recover and rest our tired and weary bodies. But I am thinking of all our brethren in Balubad, Marikina City and was able to send brother Steve and talked to him over the cell phone this morning according to him he cannot go down where they live because it was still under water and full of mud all over the place. Even the place where we assemble every Sunday was also damaged by 9 to 10 feet deep of muddy water. Lord willing after recovering from this tragic event probably before friday I will immediately visit them and assist them.
We really need help of any kind. Thank you so much.
I will send this letter to some of our american brethren too.
In Him,
Danni de Vera

Muntinlupa Church of Christ Update:

God always has his ways of cleaning the world while protecting his children in the process. Philippines was hit by heavy rains which causes heavy flooding but affected brethren are safe but just in need of food clothing and shelter but alive and kicking. Some of the brethren  has to do a little exercise to safety but they are safe.
 Some of the brethren who lived near the lake in Muntinlupa are flooded and their houses are still in water. They just locked the doors of their houses and went to the school building on higher areas which became “evacuation” area, as the water rises. As expected the evacuation centers are over crowded about 5 to 10 families shared in one classroom, they are sleeping on tables and benches but most of them on cartoons in the floor, they hope to be able to go back to their houses within a month or two because their houses are located on lower areas. Between the classrooms is the covered court which is also full of evacuees. 2-covered-court-evacuation-center.JPG6-inside-the-classroom.JPGThis is almost the same situation in all the evacuation center in metro manila. Just imagine that there are about 147 thousand families displaced and they are crowding on classrooms and covered court of schools, very few toilets inadequate water supply, sleeping on the floor, and some of them will be able to go back to their homes in about 2 to 3 months, because in some places the flood is still 6 feet high, in Muntinlupa those who live near the lake has to take small boats to reach their houses which are still heavily flooded. There is already over 293 death toll due to typhoon and number is still rising, as people buried in mud are being found and many more are still missing.
 We offered  bro Allan’s family to stay with us because of their little children, however they told us that our house is quite far from them so it will be difficult for them in checking their house from time to time because there are burglars who are taking advantage of this kind of situations to steal, so we just help them with some cash to help them buy some of their immediate need while at the evacuation center.
 Classes in all levels are suspended in Metro manila for 1 week due to flood and the classrooms are being used as evacuation, however next week classes are scheduled to resume so that the refugees have to find relocation sites, some have to rent temporarily and wait for the flood to subside before going to their houses, some will be force to go back to their flooded houses.
 Typhoon “ondoy” has just past and the weather bureau forecasted that three are yet to come and one of them will be in the Philippine area of responsibility this afternoon, so we are expecting a few more to come but they said that it is not going to bring as heavy rain as “typhoon ondoy” the bureau said this was the heaviest rain we’ve had in 42 years.
 Sis Marycil,  4 months pregnant of their first baby was rushed to the hospital and still is confined today, their doctor diagnosed it to be viral infection, she keeps vomiting, was almost dehydrated, her color became violet and fainted before being rushed to the hospital, she is still in the hospital recovering and she hopes that the water in their flooded house would have subsided when she gets out of the hospital.
 We also visited last night sis Letty’s son Carlo, a 20 year old boy with “down syndrome” at the Philippine Kidney Center. He was confined there for kidney failure and his attending physician already told them that all they can do is ease him with his pain but they could not perform any surgery because of his heart problem and he is just waiting for his time. His heart condition creates many internal organ complications.
 Now for the good news, a young boy accepted Christ through baptism even just after the big storm. He has been asking me to baptize him 2 Sundays ago I just want to make sure that he understands the purpose and the significance of being baptized into Christ. His two sisters Marimar and Lyka had accepted the Lord through baptism 3 months ago and now this boy is very eager to be baptized, so last Sunday right after the morning service Mark Leonard DeGuzman was baptized.
 Kindly include them in your prayers.
 In His service,
Greg Gallardo Jr.

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