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Sta. Lucia Church of Christ Update:

 This is an account on what happened to the church over there and family members:
Sept. 29, 2009
Dear Family and Friends,Greetings in the name of the Lord! We are writing to you to appeal for help for the victims of the recent typhoon in Manila. The storm dropped 17 inches of rain in a 12 hour period causing a dike to break. The flash flood that resulted killed many and displaced many, many more. Remy’s parents’ and other relatives’ houses were submerged in the flood waters. The water rose in a matter of 20 minutes so people had no time to prepare. One of the preachers that we support almost lost his life rescuing other people and spent a day with his family(including his pregnant wife) on the roof of a neighbor‘s house waiting to be rescued himself. Some people died and many others are unaccounted for. With the water subsiding, rebuilding is now underway. In the area where we have a ministry, most houses were made of boarded shacks. Those houses are all gone, washed away by the flood. We are trying to help them get basic items such as food, clothing and shelter so they can survive. God is in control of this situation and we pray that through this tragedy, many people will see their need for a better relationship with God and our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
If you want to donate for recovery effort, please send your tax – deductible contributions to:
Metro Manila Ministries
P.O. bOX 47261
Wichita, KS 67201-4726
Be assured that all pennies will go directly to those that were affected by the typhoon. If you have any questions, just call me at 316-943-6178.
Thank you very much for your generosity and the love that you are showing to others in times of need.
In Christian love,
The Kingsleys
(Dale, Remy, Mylene & Philip)
Sept. 29, 2009
Today, I was on the phone all day trying to contact my family. I finally got through this evening and they told me that the water subsided but there’s a lot of damage in their houses and mud all over. Everything is ruined. They don’t have any clothes left as well. The smell is so bad because there are dead animals like cats and dogs, They have to get their food in another part of town where there is electricity. They don’t have any electricity nor phone service yet. They have to charge their cell phone somewhere else.
I also talked to Danni de Vera, a preacher from Marikina church telling me that the husband of Novi, one of the members of the church that got affected died by electrocution last Saturday while the flood was rising up. Also one member of the Pasig church is almost due to have a baby. They have not been back to their place yet and see the damage. This is a family of eight and will be needing a lot since they lost everything.
He also have been in contact with some members and they will be distributing food and water this week to provide for their basic needs.
They asked us to send anything that they can use for everyday living like clothing, towels, bedsheets, etc.
The churches over there also lost all their songbooks, Bibles and teaching materials. They asked for help in this matter.
God is still in control. It will take time for them to get back to normal but with the help of the Lord through us, it will be better. Please pray for all the people that are affected. Donations are still accepted.
Thanks to all and God’s blessings.
the Kingsleys
Oct. 1, 2009
flood1.jpgflood2.jpgflood4.jpgflood5.jpgflood6.jpgflood9.jpgHello! I want to update everybody on how my family and the churches over there are coping with the situation. At my parents’ place, the water subsided and they are cleaning all the mud inside the house. Their things were all damaged and the church songbooks, Bibles and materials for teaching at the home church are all gone. My dad and brother buried 30 dogs and cats yesterday. The place near their houses smell so bad and my dad said that he is so exhausted. (He’s76 years old). There is still water at my brother’s house which is not far from where my parents live so they can’t turn the electricity yet…that’s almost a week without power. They buy their food in another town since it is too expensive to buy it nearby. They are coping slowly. They are tired but their spirit is high. One positive thing that happened amidst this tragedy is a new baby is born yesterday. Elsie, a member of the Sta. Lucia church had a healthy baby girl. It was her due date while she was on top of the roof of their house when the typhoon hit. They have not been back to their house yet since the water subsided. Please uplift them in your prayers.
On the other part of town where Danni de Vera (preacher at Marikina) lives, the water subsided. He told me yesterday that he’s going to distribute food and water to to the brethren in Marikina area. He has not been back to his house yet and see the damage and he’s already doing something good for others.
The Metro Manila Ministries sent some funds today and will be there tomorrow for them to use and buy basic things that they need. We are praying that more people will donate and help them get back on their feet. Sometimes we just don’t think about the blessings that we have until it is taken away from us. I feel their pain but I know the Lord has a purpose for all of this. If you want to help, just let me know.
Please see pictures of my parents’ house and neighborhood.
Remy Kingsley
Metro Manila Ministries
October 4, 2009
The Metro Manila Ministries sent funds to the victims over there. The churches over there are now working hard in giving food, water and some necessities needed for those affected in the Balubad, Marikina and Sta. Lucia areas. If there are some funds left, they will help in the rebuilding of the boarded shacks where most of the brethrens live in that area. Regarding my family in the Sta. Lucia, Pasig area, they are now cleaning up the mess. Piles and piles of garbage are being stack up on the streets to be collected. It is so much mess after the flood but they have to start out fresh. Two people in their neigborhood died due to the flooding. They will have funerals this week. Please continue to pray for those families that lost their loved ones and also for those who are affected by the typhoon.
We also praise the Lord that the other typhoon that is supposed to hit last week diverted in the northern area of Manila and not in a densely populated part. God is good. We praise Him for his continued care for all.
I would like to thank all that prays for this disaster and for those who has given to those in need. Some of you gave sacrificially and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Some collected basic things for the victims to be sent over there and I can’t thank you enough. The Lord will bless all of you as you bless others. I am still accepting donations. If you want to give, just let me know. Will update you again. Please see more pictures after the flood at the group link. Thanks.
the Kingsleys,
dale, remy, mylene and philip

Marikina church of Christ Update:

 This was an account of Danni de Vera, a worker at the Marikina area the day of the severe flooding:
It was rainy morning and the weather announced that typoon ONDOY reach the area of responsibility of the Philippines. Supposed to be we have evangelism campaign at Cubao Church of Christ but it was cancelled due to heavy rains. Around 9 am we just observed the rains and we did not expect the flash flood then suddenly the water on the road turns to muddy color. I decided to transfer the car on the highway but to no avail the water got deeper, I just park the car near the main gate of the village and run back to our house when I reach the house the water is already on waist level. We decided to climb the roof and in just a few minutes the water is very high. 8721_164368973759_627558759_3706291_4559614_n1.jpg10120_170549380109_691885109_4099075_7286337_n.jpg10120_176594905109_691885109_4147444_7166581_n1.jpg8823_276659985219_766275219_9054603_4739381_n.jpgMy family and I has been rescued from roof b4 midnight last Saturday. We stayed on a roof from around 10:20 am til midnight without any food and water. My mom, my son Idann and my pregnant wife Eileen almost lost their lives during atempted rescue around 10 in the evening the improvised boat suddenly got leak and started to wreck. God is so good we were able to push the boat at the side and I was able to hold the electric wire and step on roof gutter of a house and push my son and my wife to climb the much higher roof, my mom was able to save by a friend and we prayed and cried at the roof while heavy rains pour it was so dark our only hope is God.  Everything that we have….all our belongings including my car were submerged  in water full of mud. It was traumatic for me and my family. I even drank flood water when I started to sink during our attempt to go on the highway where water is not deep, blessedly I have a water jug tied on my body….God is so merciful He pull us on the top of the roof. All of us were safe including my dad and my older brother who is very much frightened of water. Please help also our brethren in Balubad 100% area Marikina City, 100% of them were affected and all their belongings too were submerged and some of them lost their wooded houses and a husband of our sister died. It was really a tragic for all of us. Please pray for us and help us.
My brother who lives in Las Pinas took us temporarily on his house in order to recover and rest our tired and weary bodies. But I am thinking of all our brethren in Balubad, Marikina City and was able to send brother Steve and talked to him over the cell phone this morning according to him he cannot go down where they live because it was still under water and full of mud all over the place. Even the place where we assemble every Sunday was also damaged by 9 to 10 feet deep of muddy water. Lord willing after recovering from this tragic event probably before friday I will immediately visit them and assist them.
We really need help of any kind. Thank you so much.
I will send this letter to some of our american brethren too.
In Him,
Danni de Vera

Muntinlupa Church of Christ Update:

God always has his ways of cleaning the world while protecting his children in the process. Philippines was hit by heavy rains which causes heavy flooding but affected brethren are safe but just in need of food clothing and shelter but alive and kicking. Some of the brethren  has to do a little exercise to safety but they are safe.
 Some of the brethren who lived near the lake in Muntinlupa are flooded and their houses are still in water. They just locked the doors of their houses and went to the school building on higher areas which became “evacuation” area, as the water rises. As expected the evacuation centers are over crowded about 5 to 10 families shared in one classroom, they are sleeping on tables and benches but most of them on cartoons in the floor, they hope to be able to go back to their houses within a month or two because their houses are located on lower areas. Between the classrooms is the covered court which is also full of evacuees. 2-covered-court-evacuation-center.JPG6-inside-the-classroom.JPGThis is almost the same situation in all the evacuation center in metro manila. Just imagine that there are about 147 thousand families displaced and they are crowding on classrooms and covered court of schools, very few toilets inadequate water supply, sleeping on the floor, and some of them will be able to go back to their homes in about 2 to 3 months, because in some places the flood is still 6 feet high, in Muntinlupa those who live near the lake has to take small boats to reach their houses which are still heavily flooded. There is already over 293 death toll due to typhoon and number is still rising, as people buried in mud are being found and many more are still missing.
 We offered  bro Allan’s family to stay with us because of their little children, however they told us that our house is quite far from them so it will be difficult for them in checking their house from time to time because there are burglars who are taking advantage of this kind of situations to steal, so we just help them with some cash to help them buy some of their immediate need while at the evacuation center.
 Classes in all levels are suspended in Metro manila for 1 week due to flood and the classrooms are being used as evacuation, however next week classes are scheduled to resume so that the refugees have to find relocation sites, some have to rent temporarily and wait for the flood to subside before going to their houses, some will be force to go back to their flooded houses.
 Typhoon “ondoy” has just past and the weather bureau forecasted that three are yet to come and one of them will be in the Philippine area of responsibility this afternoon, so we are expecting a few more to come but they said that it is not going to bring as heavy rain as “typhoon ondoy” the bureau said this was the heaviest rain we’ve had in 42 years.
 Sis Marycil,  4 months pregnant of their first baby was rushed to the hospital and still is confined today, their doctor diagnosed it to be viral infection, she keeps vomiting, was almost dehydrated, her color became violet and fainted before being rushed to the hospital, she is still in the hospital recovering and she hopes that the water in their flooded house would have subsided when she gets out of the hospital.
 We also visited last night sis Letty’s son Carlo, a 20 year old boy with “down syndrome” at the Philippine Kidney Center. He was confined there for kidney failure and his attending physician already told them that all they can do is ease him with his pain but they could not perform any surgery because of his heart problem and he is just waiting for his time. His heart condition creates many internal organ complications.
 Now for the good news, a young boy accepted Christ through baptism even just after the big storm. He has been asking me to baptize him 2 Sundays ago I just want to make sure that he understands the purpose and the significance of being baptized into Christ. His two sisters Marimar and Lyka had accepted the Lord through baptism 3 months ago and now this boy is very eager to be baptized, so last Sunday right after the morning service Mark Leonard DeGuzman was baptized.
 Kindly include them in your prayers.
 In His service,
Greg Gallardo Jr.

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Paul encourages us that in everything that we should give thanks to God that we should rejoice always and pray without ceasing.

Feeding Program…

The Cubao Church of Christ held feeding program last August 1 at Baranggay hall near the Church building. They invited the children around poor neighborhood and almost 100 kids together with their parents attended the program. In this program we can be friend with the parents and eventually invited them to study the Bible.

WBS Campaign @ Lagro…

The WBS is still the best tool when it comes reaching the lost souls in door knocking. This month the Lagro Church of Christ hosted the monthly campaign of Churches of Christ around Metro Manila. In this activity, brethren from different places help to encourage more souls to study the Word of God through personal study or through correspondence. The Church leaders also take time to group and discuss all the necessary things for the growth of every congregation in Metro Manila.


Sister Sophia’s daughter Angel Aparatu decided to be immersed for the forgiveness of her sins last August 15 after attending series of Saturday Bible study conducted by bro. Danni and bro. Joel.

Noel Lacambra grows up in attending Sunday school at Friendship Road Church. He even got best in Religion in public school when he was 8 years old. Now he is turning 11 and he decided to be baptized for the remission of his sins last August 16.

Salvacion Montano attended the second WBS seminar held in Manila in 1988. She constantly attending worship service with his husband bro. Jess Montano at Cubao Church, after 21 long years she decided to wash away her sins in baptism. Bro. Danni baptized her last August 19

Angela dela Rosa the girlfriend of his son bro. John Paul also decided to be baptized after studying the Bible with bro. Jess Montano.

24 Years of Thanksgiving …

The Cubao Church of Christ celebrates its 24 years of thanksgiving in serving the Almighty God last August 23. In reminiscing the past, they watch compiled old pictures of early brethren in Cubao as well as the pictures of activities how the Church grows since bro. Allen Mann planted the Lord’s Church in San Juan before transferring to Cubao area. The Microsoft power point presentation was prepared by brother Danni and it was a kind of reunion for some brethren who became part of Cubao but are now attending in other congregation outside Metro Manila. God is really great for blessing the Cubao congregation for its 24 years of existence.

Inter-Congregational Worship Service

The Metro Manila Churches of Christ held the Inter-Congregational worship service at University of the Philippines in Quezon City last August 30. It was an event for majority of the Churches of Christ around Metro Manila to see each other and hug one another. The Churches of Christ joined together in worshipping and singing praises to our Almighty God in heaven. The happiness inside the place of worship was indescribable, every soul in that room were rejoicing and exceedingly glad to worship the Lord.

Bible Studies …

Bible Studies for all ages in different places at Cubao and in Marikina continues:






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Muntinlupa Church of Christ Update:

Greetings in the name of our great God.

 It is our hope and prayer that this letter finds you in good health and safe in God’s guiding and protecting hands. Please forgive me for delayed updates, tons of work needs to be done and it seems like my body can’t cope up with my phasing, I have to slow down because I am not feeling very well, I guess I am getting older in addition to the changing climate we are experiencing now. 

5vbsmuntipresentation.JPGWe conducted two VBS on different places in Muntinlupa last May, one in barangay Malipay where over a hundred children attended, twelve of them are high school students and the rest are elementary graders, and the other one was held at the Muntinlupa church’s meeting place where 85 students attended vacation Bible school.


9baptismprayer.JPGAfter the VBS, nine high school students accepted Christ through baptism, and we went to a pool in Laguna and baptized these 9 teen-agers. Marimar A. De Guzman, Lyca A. De Guzman, Mara M. Miguel, Cyrus Jude M. Alejandria, Anthony S. Talastas, Hazel May C. Moncada, Roselyn P. Sia, Jayson L. Labastida, Marjorie R. Corino. Please see the pictures.


June marks the beginning of the second semester in the Philippines, and starting July every Saturday the whole day I have the opportunity to teach a number of college students at the church building which we used as Bible study center on regular days (average of 10 every Saturday). They may or may not accept the Lord but at least they have heard the truth. This is the reason why I still continue to teach part time at the university, to stay connected to the students. This semester I am spending nine (9) hours  per week teaching mathematics at the university, the school pays me $20 per week which is not even enough for my transportation, however the opportunity to invite them to attend Bible studies is worth it. And it is our hope and prayer that more students will be added to the lord’s body and in the future hopefully strengthens the church numerically and financially.


11lotveryaccessible.JPGYear 2007 we started saving and planning to have our own church building to save the rentals which is very costly in the city. Year 2008 we are so happy that you have been assisting us by matching whatever we save for the building fund every month. Year 2009 we still continue to save for the building fund hoping that we save enough for this project and that we could be self supporting in the near future. Our Existing building fund savings now is $17,555 equivalent to Php 790,000 (pesos).


We found a 315 square meter lot equivalent to 3,386 square feet for sale at a very low price, the current price in that area is 8,000 pesos per square meter and he is selling his property for only 5,000 pesos per square meter, he said that he needed the cash to keep up with his obligations. The location is excellent so we want to buy this property for the church.


10prospectivechurchlot.JPGThe total price of the property is $35,000 our existing building fund savings is $17,555 we need $17,500 more to be able to buy the property. We would like to appeal to your kind heart to extend to us your helping hand to lend the church $17,500. We will start paying you on a monthly basis when we have moved to this new location, we plan to just build a nipa hut as temporary meeting place or pitch a big tent that can accommodate our number.


Please think about the impact that this will bring to the church of the Lord in Muntinlupa, and the service that you will be doing in the kingdom of God. There are two options that you can do to help us buy the property:

1) If your congregation or anyone you know that is able and can lend the church $17,500 which we will start paying after we have moved to the place, the rentals that we saved will be use to pay on a monthly basis. 

2) You can contribute cheerfully any amount your heart desire.


What ever you decide to do is highly appreciated, Please deposit any amount you wish to donate for this cause to this account:


CHURCH OF CHRIST at Muntinlupa City Philippines, Inc.

METROBANK Muntinlupa Branch Philippines

Savings Account:        349-3-349-78256-2

Swift Code:                MBTCPHMM


You can email us at: or

home: (0632) 8076896            cellphone: +639205249610


Pleased share with some of your friends there. We are praying for you, please keep in touch. God bless you all.

In His Service, Greg Q. Gallardo, Jr.
Sta. Lucia Church of Christ Plea for Help:Dear Brethren:Greetings to all in the name of the Lord!familytorrespic1.jpgI am writing this letter of appeal to you in behalf of a sister in Christ, Angela M. De Torres, 17 years old and a member of the De Castro Church of Christ in Pasig City.101_0178.JPGSister Angela has a physical deformity, SCOLIOSIS, which needs immediate operation. The estimated total cost is Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 300,000.00). The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) subsidized the amount of Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 200,000.00) for the pedicular screw and brace for spinal cord. The family is now asking us to help her with the remaining One Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 100,000.00) for the laboratory, medicines, doctor and room fees.May we earnestly request your kindness to please examine your budget if it is possible that you could share whatever amount you could generously contribute for the need of sister Angela M. De Torres.If you send any help, please send to:  RCBC Savings (Kapitolyo Pasig branch) account number 1055-06846-9, Gilbert S. De Torres. Brother in Christ, Gilbert, is the father of Angela. His contact number is 09295506777.Thank you so much and may the good Lord bless you more and more.On behalf of the congregation in De Castro that meets at #23 Eireene Street, Liamzon Subd., brgy. Sta. Lucia, Pasig City,I am James Paet, the preacher of De Castro Church of Christ. My contact info:, cp#09185101904

Marikina and Cubao churches of Christ Update:

Rainy season in the Philippines is not a big hindrance in obeying the commands of God to go and preach the Good News to all people. As Paul said “In Season and Out Season” we all need to seek and save the lost.
 Tutorial Classes:

cubao080911.jpgcubao08092.jpgThe students @ Friendship Road Church and Twinville church tutorial center enjoyed their class and all of them are excited to wake up early according to their parents. They already learned how to write letters and how to distinguish colors.

cubao08094.jpgcubao08093.jpgOutside the building the parents continue to study the Bible with brother Danni. Some of them are also attending service every Sunday. Brother Danni and Steve constantly visit them on their respective home to establish good relationships and bring them more closer to God.

Bible Studies …

cubao08095.jpgSaturday group Bible study every Saturday morning at Twinville is doing well.

cubao08096.jpgYouth Bible Studies in Cubao every Saturday afternoon is handled by bro. Danni and Joel.

cubao08097.jpgThe Friday Balubad group Bible study for kids and adults continue to encourage some neighbors to attend.

cubao08098.jpgLast July 29 Street Bible study in Cubao was started by bro. Danni together with his wife sister Eileen and Sister Sophia. Snacks for the students were provided by Sister Eileen and Sophia after Bible study.


cubao08099.jpgMELVIN SANCHEZ and GEMMA CONCEPCION were immersed last July 4 by brother Danni after hearing God’s plan of salvation. They are now faithfully attending Sunday service at Friendship Road Church of Christ.

cubao080910.jpgJUVILYN OLIVA constantly attends Thursday parents Bible study with bro. Danni while she waits for her daughters attending class at Twinville tutorial. She was baptized for the forgiveness of her sins last July 30.

Overnight Prayer Meeting …

cubao0809111.jpgOvernight prayer activities are one of the best methods to energize the faith of Christian in Cubao. Last July 24 they held an overnight prayer meeting and listen to the Word of God shared by bro. Danni and bro. Maurice. It was mentioned by brother Danni that prayer is our lifeline to our Almighty God in heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord. Games and group discussion keep the brethren awake throughout the night.

Please visit the link:

Wichita, Kansas Update:

059.JPGA Friday Night Bible Study Kick Off Party was celebrated on Aug. 8th at the house of Dr. Rob and Linda Dopps with a Luau/Hawaiian theme. It was a very colorful, nice celebration with a lot of fun, food, pool and games. There are about 50 people that attended the party. The regular fellowship and devotional will start on Sept 11 and a great outreach program to the community in sharing the gospel to the lost. Please pray for this ministry that it will be a success.



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Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ Update:

View more pictures at

Month of June is another blessed month for all of us in Cubao and in Marikina because God added more souls in His   kingdom and more Bible studies have been set up. Parents Orientation …  Parent’s orientation was held in Friendship Road and in Twinville Church for the opening of tutorial center school year 2009-2010. Brother Mike discusses the guidelines and regulations for kids and the parents. Brother Danni also discusses the purpose of the Church why they conduct free tutorial center and encouraged the parents to have Bible study. More Bible Study… Sister Mylene Kingsley in her few weeks of stay in the Philippines continue to help in the mission by teaching the God’s plan of salvation to some souls and brother Danni will conduct the follow up Bible studies. We continue to plant the words of God in the heart of every person in different areas. Youth Overnight Prayer and Fellowship… It was a great night for the youth of Friendship road and Twinville as they come together to have fellowship with one another last June 5. There are more than 40 of them attended the fellowship. Devotional was held by sister Mylene Kingsley for all girls while brother Mike for all boys. After having some fun in games prepared by brother Mike, Brother Danni conducted lecture for all on how to remain faithful in doing the work of the Lord. The youth enjoyed the night despite of heavy rains, they prayed, they sang and laugh together until the wee hours of the morning.Tutorial Center… School year 2009 -2010 of tutorial center in Friendship Road and Twinville formally opened last June 16. There are 40 kids enrolled in Friendship Road and 40 kids in Twinville, kids were separated in two classes due to small space in the building. Parents and kids are excited on the first day of school. Tutorial center is one of the best tools in reaching the lost souls, through this ministry we were able to teach the parents of the kids enrolled as well as the members of their family. Bible study was conducted by brother Danni outside the Church building while the parents and relatives of the children await the dismissal of the class.  BAPTISMS … As the results of planting the Word of God in Balubad mission God added more souls in His kingdom at Twinville Church. There are eight precious souls obeyed the Lord in baptism this month of June.   Inter Congregational Worship … The first joint worship of Cubao, the Friendship Road, and the Twinville Church of Christ was held at Friendship Road building last June 7. Seeing all the brethren praising and worshipping the Lord together was great day for brother Danni. He is preaching in the said three congregations. Brother Danni was baptized in Cubao in 1987 and became full time worker of Cubao in the ‘90s. He planted the Church in Friendship Road after the death of his wife Sunny in 2002, and then he planted Twinville in 2008 as the results of mission in Balubad. There are 44 souls worshipping in Cubao, 47 in Friendship Road and 68 in Twinville. There are 135 souls worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth on that day.  Farewell Fellowship for Mylene … The youth held farewell fellowship for Mylene last June 20 and 25. In June 20 farewell fellowship they have singing and devotional study using the Jule Miller DVD visual Bible study series. In June 25, it was last night of Mylene in the Philippines the youth gave something to her. Some of them gave letters, cards and token and they also showed a movie of pictures collection of Mylene’s during her stay in the Philippines.   Updates in Cubao and Marikina …  Bible studies and follow-ups as well as visitation continue in Cubao and Marikina. The youth fellowship of Cubao and Lagro congregation was held in ECO Park in Quezon City. The youth class in Cubao every Saturday afternoon continues. Bible Study for parents every Wednesday morning in Friendship Road and in Twinville every Thursday afternoon. Group Bible study in Phase 1 Balubad every Thursday morning and in Phase 2 every Friday morning.  Sta. Lucia Church of Christ Update:100_4676.jpg100_4718.jpgThe new church in Sta Lucia is in full swing. James Paet, a newly graduate of the Manila School of Evangelism, is helping the church grow and is now the full time preacher. This church started in 2007 but don’t have a regular preacher since it was too small. Through the partnership of the Metro Manila Ministries and Manila School of Evangelism, a full time preacher is provided and we pray that he can make the members more challenge in reaching out and growing spiritually. Please pray that the Lord will give the increase on this new church.James Paet, is in his late 20′s and is married to Myrna and have one child named Jamie. He has the passion to preach and teach people the gospel that’s why he went to study at the MSE. We pray that this young family will be used by the Lord in spreading His word in the Pasig area. 

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Cubao & Marikina Churches of Christ Update:

God continues to open the door at Balubad mission in Marikina City; many souls in this area are searching for the truth. We continue to preach the truth in God’s word and we are praying that more souls will be saved in this area.

Leadership Training …

Brother Danni conducted leadership training for the future leaders of the young Church in Twinville. He teaches on how to lead the worship service and the proper attire and posture in serving the pulpit.

Brother Mike also conducted training for young women on how to teach at Sunday school in Twinville.

Balubad Bible Study…

Bother Danni in Balubad; continue to conduct Bible study in that area in order to strengthen the faith of new babes in Christ. The Bible study encouraged more souls in the neighborhood and more souls are studying the Bible.
The kids also continue to have their weekly Bible class with Brother Sammy Rimorin.

Mylene Kingsley daughter of Brother Dale & sister Remy Kingsley arrived last May 21 to help us in conducting Bible studies. She conducted a one-on-one Bible study everyday in different souls. She also teaches Sunday school every Sunday in two congregations.

Vacation Bible School…

Vacation Bible School is one of the best tools of Cubao, Friendship Road and Twinville Church every summer vacation to encourage parents to study the Bible.
In Cubao only few kids enrolled, Brother Joel and Sister Nancy handle the one week Bible class.

In Friendship road there are three levels of VBS (preparatory, elementary and high school). Sister Renalyn teaches the preparatory level. Brother Mike teaches the elementary while brother Danni teaches high school level.

In Twinville brother Steve teaches the elementary level and brothers Mike and Sammy teaches the preparatory level. In this place there are 93 kids in prep level attended the one week VBS and 18 in elementary level.


God continues to add more souls in His Church at Twinville as the results of preaching the Word of God in season and out of season in Balubad mission. Eight precious souls (Beverlyn Bernados, Rose Lyn Pisngot, Lyka Lusabio, Honeylyn Atibagos, Jonah Mae Pascual, German Penaso, Marlon Penaso and Monica Mariscotes (not in picture)) were added by the Lord in His Body.

Youth Summer Bible School Graduation …

Finally the youth of Twinville Church after a month of summer Bible school conducted by brother Danni at Balubad area they received their certificates last May 22. It is a part of making a true disciples program in Twinville Church of Christ.

Non-Christian Youth Seminar …

A one day evangelism seminar for non-Christian youth was held by brother Danni and sister Mylene in Friendship Road, Marikina City. There are seven youth attended the seminar and sister Mylene teaches the way of Salvation while Brother Danni teaches the Word of God by using the DVD Visualized Bible Study lessons written by brother Jule Miller.

Remove Lice Program & School Supplies Distribution …

As part of edifying and encouraging the brethren and non-Christians in Balubad the brethren conducted “Remove Lice” program for the kids. This program can call the attention of parents in the surrounding areas in Balubad. In this program we can meet new friends and eventually encouraged them to study the Bible.

The school year 2009-2010 will start on the month of June and the Metro Manila Ministries decided to gives school supplies to Christian youth and kids of the brethren living in Balubad area. Sister Mylene Kingsley daughter of Brother Dale and sister Remy Kingsley distributed notebooks, ball pens, pencils, eraser, crayons and papers.

Tracts Distribution …

In Cubao we distributed tracts and flyers along the streets and market near the Church building location in Palosapis street. Majority of tracts we distribute are written in tagalog by Brother Danni de Vera.

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Muntinlupa Church of Christ Update:


The month of March and April had been very fruitful in Muntinlupa with God’s blessings. We had a total of 23 baptisms, most of which are students which we hope and pray would continue to mature into Christ.


February 28, the Muntinlupa congregation conducted a Bible study classes for the young people and some adult and feeding program for the children in Barangay Malipay which is a depressed area. We have a Bible study class and  distributed packed meals for the children. Sarah distributed prizes for the children’s games and other activities. Remy, Andrea, Prissy, Hope, Christopher and Mickey had a busy day teaching the children, young people and a few adults, the total number attendees were 115, and of course most of them were children.

  Before summer vacation starts, we invited university students to come and study with us the scripture at the church building which we also called the Bible study center for the students on weekdays. We have three groups that came one in the morning another in the afternoon and another batch in the evening.  Majority of these students are Catholics others have denominational background that are seeking for the truth, as a result of this studies three souls were baptized one in the morning, in the afternoon and another in the evening. 


On March 17, Lorraine Esposo and Zenaida Dumandan accepted the Lord through baptism, they had been coming to the congregation for 5 about months now. Lorraine is Charles school mate.


On March 18, right after the midweek service two souls decided to accept the Lord and we had their baptism, Melanie Sajorda & Maria Christina Boquiron. Both are housewive, Melanie with three children and Christina with two children, one her own and one adopted.

  March 20 Friday, after a short follow up Bible study in barangay malipay,  two young ladies accepted the Lord  Rubilyn Montilla & Ruby Lauder. Rubilyn a high school student and Ruby is a saleslady.  


4th Sunday of March, after the preaching 7 youth came forward to accept Christ through baptism, they had been attending the seekers class every Sunday morning Bible studies. Mark Anthony Go is Michael’s classmate, 2nd year Accountancy, Ed M. Borogan, Marvin Enriquez, Myrene B. De Asis, Ayesa Mae Jean F. Sinoy, Myrell D. De Asis, Vladeriza L. Digno are high school students at Muntinlupa National High school, all of them lived in Barangay malipay except for Mark. 


April 1-4 The Medical Mission team has invited us to join them in Ilo-Ilo, Sarah and I went there to help. The medical mission went well; it has served two towns San Miguel and LaPaz and has treated more than two thousand people, Circumcision for the boys, consultation dental and medical with free medicine. The patients flow from registration to the pharmacy was well organized. The patient goes to registration, then acquiring the vital sign (blood pressure, weight, etc..), then  to the counseling area (spiritual side), then to the doctors or dental or circumcision area, then finally to the pharmacy distributing free medicine. Sarah was assigned to help at the Vital signs area, while I am assigned to help in counseling. Ronnie Borridas after studying with a number of preachers and teachers during the duration of the Medical mission accepted the Lord through baptism, he was baptized in port San Pedro it was dark about 7:30 in the evening and after baptism my feet had several cuts due to sharp shells and coral reefs. Then on the second night of the medical mission I spoke during devotional, and it always feels good to share the word of God especially knowing that it is appreciated by the audience. 


We left IloIlo April 4 then in the morning April 5 is the first Sunday of the month and we had our regular luncheon fellowship after the morning services in Muntinlupa. God has blessed the congregation with a digital projector and a lap top computer. I was excited because that was the first time that we were going to use it. After the message 5 teen-agers forwarded to confess their faith and their desire to accept Him as their savior through baptism, so right after the morning service we proceeded to baptism, at the same swimming pool that allows us to use their pool for baptism. Naressa V. Atrehenio, Diana V. Dahonan, Analyn S. Fuster, Sean Michael C. Baquiton, Allan S. Fuster III,  three of them are out of school youth.


Then in the morning April 6, Sarah had her oath taking ceremony at the MOA Mall of Asia, a huge function hall by the seaside.


Then on April 8-11, the young people of Muntinlupa attended the Metro wide Youth  Camp held annually, the venue this time is in Norzagaray Bulacan,it was hosted by the Kalookan congregation. It was attended by about 300 campers, Muntinlupa sent 30 campers, and Daet church of Christ in bicol where my dad is preaching sent 12 campers. 22 souls were baptized in this activity, two of them were from Muntinlupa congregation (Justin & Pearl Joy Esteban) and one from Daet congregation (Joy Sarical). I facilitated a debate for the young people with the proposition: “Should Christian Marry a Christian” the debate was very informative and enjoyable especially for the new Christians.


The Lord has blest Muntinlupa congregation of additional 23 souls (Mark David Yutok, Melchor Nunez,  Glenda Loresca, Lorraine Esposo, Zenaida Dumandan, Melanie Sajorda,  Maria Christina Boquiron, Rubilyn Montilla, Ruby Lauder, Mark Anthony R. Go, Ed M. Borogan, Marvin Enriquez, Myrene B. De Asis, Ayesa Mae Jean F. Sinoy, Myrell D. De Asis, Vladeriza L. Digno, Naressa V. Atrehenio, Diana V. Dahonan, Analyn S. Fuster, Sean Michael C. Baquiton, Allan S. Fuster III, Justin Esteban & Pearl Joy Esteban), 3 of them are out of school, two housewives, and 18 students. We hope and pray that they would grow mature into Christ and be leaders of the church in the future.


Sarah took the board exam last November 2008, the board was released February 2009 she passed the board with an average of 83%, She registered last March as Nursed her license will be released on May, she had her oath taking April 6, She is applying for a job abroad however most of it requires experience, she applies to the local hospital to gain experience but it is “freeze hiring” today, however they want her to complete the requirements and submit it to them for file when hiring resumes. She is completing Asian Hospital requirements for employment, right now she is undergoing “IV Therapy” training and has to complete 24 cases which will be scheduled by the Hospital, then after that she has to take the Red Cross’ Training on “Basic Life Support System” then she can submit her application to Asian Hospital and Muntinlupa Medical Center. I thought after graduation she will be ready to work, she still has to undergo different trainings which she is now completing, hopefully it will be done in time with God’s blessings. She is also surfing in the internet for job hunting.


In His service,

Greg Gallardo, Jr.


Sta. Lucia Church of Christ Update:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

pasig05091.jpgWe are happy to inform that there were two souls who obeyed the Gospel. One is Quenie Tomarce, daugter of Elsie Tomarce and the other one is the sister of Prince Torres named Angela. She’s 17 years old. They were baptized at the youth camp. I am happy for them. I know that they are still young but we will do all our best to guide them.

   We have an attendance of 22 adults 3 of them were visitors and 10 kids, over all 33.

Bro. John Handford delivered  the mesage and I handled the Bible study.

   May our God guide you and your family and shower you His blessings!

Your brother in Christ,

James Paet

Sta lucia Church of Christ

Marikina and Balubad churches of Christ:


We experienced the growth in numbers of the church at Twinville, Balubad area in Marikina City after many baptisms last month. The work has just started in equipping new babes in Christ to grow them in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Baptism …

cubao05093.jpgcubao05094.jpgTwo more souls have been added by the Lord in His Body at Twinville last April 7. Bernie Bernados and Madel Luzaran decided to obey the Lord in baptism. They were immersed by brother Danni in a drum full of water. They are both faithfully attending worship service at Twinville.

Annual Youth CAMP…

cubao05096.jpgcubao05095.jpg“Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leader” is this year theme at annual Metro wide youth camp. The annual event was hosted by the brethren in Caloocan congregation. It was held at Bulacan area, a 2 hour drive from Cubao. The Cubao and Marikina youth joined the 4 day (April 8 to 11) event and they are all renewed in their faith and have become closer to one another.

Youth Summer Bible School…

cubao05097.jpgcubao05098.jpgIn order to equip the youth in Balubad area, brother Danni decided to start the Youth Summer Bible School (YSBS) in the said area. It was a daily class with a daily examination after every lecture. The youth enjoyed the everyday class since it was their summer vacation. They also have their lunch fellowship in order to build a good relationship with one another.

cubao05099.jpgThe YSBS brought another soul into God’s family when the Lord added JR ABELLA and brother Danni baptized him for the forgiveness of his sins last April 17.

Campaign for CHRIST…

cubao050910.jpgcubao0509111.jpgAnother campaign for Christ was held in Palosapis area and it was hosted by Cubao Church last April 19. The event is part of Metro Manila Churches of Christ cooperation in seeking the lost. More souls showed interest in receiving free Bible correspondence courses and some decided to have home Bible studies. The Cubao brethren prayed that they will continue to study the Word of God.

Leaders also held their monthly meeting to discuss, reviewed the past activities and the up-coming activities around Metro Manila.

Update in Cubao & Marikina …

cubao050911.jpgIn Cubao, we continue to follow-up all enrolled in Bible correspondence courses. We also decided to conduct VBS on the month of May and we will be hosting youth fellowship at Ecology Park in Quezon City.

In Marikina, the on-going YSBS encouraged more youth in the area and some of them attended Sunday service. Last April 30 Brother John Hanford from Alabama together with his wife Cherry were the guest Bible teachera on our Thursday class in Balubad area. We will also conduct VBS on the month of May at Friendship Road and at Twinville.

Wichita, Kansas Update:


We had wonderful fellowship and Bible studies at the Kingsley house. Dale Kingsley led the Bible study with Tim O’Neal and Derrin Dopps for the adult classes and Rose Shady helped with the children’s class.

p4172512.JPGp4172510.JPGThrough this effort,  Rhoderick and Carmela Buranday obeyed the gospel and put Christ in their lives through baptism. We rejoiced in the decision that they made. We pray that we can help them mature as Christians.


3m.jpgAlso, on April 24-25, the Metro Manila Ministries participated in selling products from the Philippines at the Women Walking with God Conference at Northside Church of Christ in Wichita, Kansas. It was a successful event. We learned a lot from the speakers and met a lot of women from various walk of life. Thanks a lot for the brethren from Northside for allowing us to be part of the conference.

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Here is our newsletter that we sent out:

980.JPG1648.JPG957.JPG913.JPGThe mission trip to the Philippines was a great success. There were 50 baptisms for the six weeks we were there. Our team composed of Andrea McMinn, Mickey Saffell, Prissy Sellers, Hope and Chris Stringham and their one-year-old baby, Dale, Remy, Mylene and Philip Kingsley were there at different times from February 22nd to April 7th. 767.JPG769.JPG899.JPGWe had a lot of Bible studies (some in groups and some one-on-one) in the Marikina and Muntinlupa areas. 1164.JPG1147.JPG1160.JPG1100.JPG1090.JPGWe had a two-day medical and dental missions with the help of local doctors and nurses. We treated more than 500 patients and gave them free medicines as well. That event alone brought about  3 baptisms and a lot of Bible studies were set up. The church in Muntinlupa also sponsored a feeding program to the depressed area where we also taught more than 100 children and adults.

 1616.JPGAlso, Philip and Chris helped build several houses in the depressed area in Marikina. They poured concrete for a floor, made walls for houses and ceilings for 3 houses. 1695.JPG1707.JPGWe also gave clothes and grocery items to the new members that needed them. 1519.JPGThere were 43 preschoolers from the Tutorial Classes that graduated on March 23rd in the Marikina area. Through this ministry, there were 10 parents that obeyed the gospel. The local workers and members are going to be busy following up those interested in studying God’s Word through the ministries that are going on there. We had such a good time doing rewarding work in those areas and we were so blessed. We ate with them, have fellowship with them and studied the Bible with them for the six weeks we were there.
1906.JPGAlso, through this experience, Philip has grown in his faith and in sharing the gospel to the lost. He studied with some of the youth and had the opportunity to baptize some of them. He spent a night in the depressed area and did activities with the youth. It was such a learning experience for him on how the Lord can use anybody to further His Kingdom.
12471.JPG1021.JPGThough Mylene and Dale spent only 12 days in the Philippines, they made an impact with the people there. Dale mostly helped in dispensing the drugs for the medical missions, he also helped in the church services and dealing with the people in the depressed areas. Mylene taught the children, had fellowship with the youth and helped encourage the new Christians. She has such a yearning to do more work there that she’s going back in May for 5 weeks. God has been calling and we need more workers to sow and reap. We thank those who helped us in this ministry and who continue to pray for the success of the work we do. God’s blessings to you.

Wichita, Kansas Update:

059-21.jpgWe 059-7.jpgare thankful for Dr. Derin Dopps for helping out the last six weeks while we were gone in the Philippines. He led the Bible study on Friday nights at the Kingsley house and had a good study about the gospel. We are still having the fellowship and study as we continue to spread the seed to those who are willing to listen. We are also thankful to Dan and Rose Shady for all the hard work they do. Rose is teaching the children while the adults have their Bible study. Dan was responsible for setting up speakers to speak on certain topics for the study.
We are also thankful to all who have been involved while we were in the Philippines – those who brought food for the fellowship, prepared the house and cleaned our house, all those who invited those who want to hear the Word of God and to all those who followed up through e-mails, phone calls, etc. God bless all the workers in His Kingdom.
Through the efforts of many, the seeds have been planted. We are praying that more souls will be saved through this ministry. Blessings to all of you.

Baptisms of Burandays:

100_3223.JPGGod be praised! Rhoderick and Carmela Buranday obeyed the gospel through baptism on April 12, 2009. They attend the Friday night Bible study and Sunday night service at Northside church of Christ. Carmela is a teacher for USD 259 (East High School) and Rhoderick works at Wal-Mart. They have two girls, Cleofe, 6 years old, and Camille, 10 years old. They want their family to be in God’s guidance and want to be good examples to others. We praise the Lord for the decision that they made. May the Lord use them more for His glory. Angels are celebrating in heaven.

This is from Prissy Seller’s Newsletter(another teammate):

On March 24 there was the graduation of 42 preschoolers in the tutorial sessions conducted by the church in the Marikina area. This is the secnod year that these classes have been held. Last year about 19 of the parents were baptized, and this year there have been about 20 of the parents added to the church. Many of these are those that we have been studying with since our arrival in Manila in February. Remy Kingsley has worked hard to get these classes going and God is now giving the increase of all the efforts that have been exerted to reach out to these children and their families. There is excitement in the air and much potential in that area for continual church growth. We were so excited when we heard that there were some Christians in the Alburquerque area that donated money for a TV and DVD player so that additional Christian materials could be used in the teaching and training of these children.
Chris continues to keep busy. The past weeks have provided opportunities for him to work with many children. They really love him because he knows how to get down on their level. Remy informed us that there were a couple of houses in the squatter area that needed some work done on them. So while Hope and I were teaching a seminar on “Teaching Children”, Chris, Philip (Remy’s 14 year old son, and several Filipino men were mixing and pouring cement for floors and putting up several walls in these homes. They had to walk down to the river and get the sand and carry it up the hill to mix it with the concrete. Of course none of the tools were precision tools and there was no way to turn up the air conditioning to cool off!! HA! Nevertheless, Chris is a trooper and keeps on going until the work is done. Hope, of course, if my right hand extension. Her skills in speaking the language are incredible. When we lived in the Philippines, she learned Cebuano fluently, but now somehow, somewhere, she has picked up the Tagalog language (which they speak in Manila). She is such a natural and the people love her for it. She fits into any situation and feels at home wherever she is. So, she and Chris have certainly made a good team through which the Lord has been able to reach out and touch the lives of many people; and indeed the glory belongs to the Lord above.
On one Monday, Remy, Hope, Chris and I went to the grocery store and bought some groceries. We took them to one of the congregations and separated them into bags to give away to the new Christians who live in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the squatter area. With Amelia’s help, we completed 50 bags to give away. (For some reason, the intensity of the heat just doesn’t seem to come through in the pictures!! HA!) Dripping in sweat we left there and were on our way home and we saw a Burger King. We dropped there for lunch (at 2:30). While sitting and eating, a lady came to our table and asked if we wanted a massage!! At first, we thought we misunderstood, but we heard right! She proceeded to give each of us about a 20 minute massage (waist up). Talk about service!! We laughed and laughed as we talked about how indeed the Lord provides for ALL our needs.

position has certainly changed. Her home on wheels provides for it all. We try to find a fan nearby and lean the stroller back for her to take her naps (even in the internet café). She has found her “freedom” from her car seat and learns the way that babies travel on this side of the earth. We were on a bus the other day and Hope, Chris, and I all 3 were bumped about 12 inches out of our seats!! We are in and out of buses, taxis, LRT (railway), motor trikes, and private vehicles. There certainly is no law here about shocks in vehicles!! I was so proud of Ameila, because finally on our 45 minute ride to worship on Sunday, she fell asleep in the jeepney. Now, her baths are another subject. When we moved to where we are now, and there was no hot water, she gasped until we were able to find a way to heat the water. She loves her “bucket bath”. Nevertheless, no matter how many adjustments need to be made, she always has a smile on her face and waves to everyone. She has learned how to “bless” the older people by taking their hand in hers and she brings their hand up to touch her forehead. That is a sign of respect of the younger children to the older adults. She has won over the hearts of the older generation because she so willingly “blesses”.
The 1-on-1 Bible studies continue on. Sometimes there will be one, sometimes, two or more that want to avail of a Bible study. On one occasion, we cooked lunch for and had a study with five of the doctors that helped with the medical mission. They left the study with their hearts weighing heavy with God’s message for their lives. They said they had a lot to think about now.
Once it was later in the evening and we were all tired. Hope and I had something going on already, so Remy came and told Chris that he needed to study with these 3 young men. He wasn’t real excited about it and came to talk with Hope. She told him to go and just do his best. She said, “you never know what God has prepared for you”. So, he did go and several hours later he came back and said there were going to be 3 baptisms. Indeed, the Lord did have a plan….and He used Chris for that plan!! Oh my, how often do we hinder the plans of God with our fears, objections, uncertainties, and excuses??!! May God forgive our “little faith”.
In my last newsletter, I reported the blessing of 19 baptisms. Since then, 34 more have been added to the Lord’s church. Thus making a total of 53 precious souls dying to the old self and being resurrected a new creature.
There have been many occasions when we found ourselves in the middle of groups of people to be taught. Although, when we teach the plan of salvation, we prefer to be in a one-on-one situation, there are times that this just is not possible. So, we adjust. Hope is called upon to teach the children on the spur of the moment and as usual does an excellent job.
I know that the motto of a boy scout is “be prepared”, but that same motto should also be characteristic of a Christian. Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Tim. 4:2 “Preach (teach) the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage – with great patience and careful instructions. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.”
May God our Father bless each of you as you teach the Word in opportunities that He opens up to you. Thank you for your prayers in our behalf and behalf of the Gospel of Christ.

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Marikina and Cubao Church of Christ Update:

Evangelism Campaign …

848.JPGThe Metro Manila Ministries team arrived in Manila last week of February. They joined the mission team in Balubad area in conducting evangelism campaign. They teach children and parents in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the said mission field. They (Dale, Remy, Mylene & Philip Kingsley, Prissy Sellers, and Cris & Hope Stringham) helped us in conducting one on one and group Bible studies.


1054.JPGBrother Danni de Vera after more than seven years of being a widow finally tied a knot with Eileen Cayabyab last March 8 and his only son Idann was his best man. It was a great day for all the brethren who witnessed brother Danni and Sister Eileen’s happiness. See more pictures on my facebook account:

Medical Mission…

1162.JPG1152.JPG1178.JPGAnother way of helping people is conducting free medical/dental service thru this kind of ministry we were able to meet lot of people and encourage them to study the Bible. It was held in Marikina City in two different places last March 10 and 11, one in Friendship Road Church of Christ building and the other is in a basketball court near the place where Christians meet at Twinville (Balubad area). As the result of this ministry there are more follow ups for Bible study and there three souls obeyed the Lord after studying the Word of God. See more pictures on my facebook account:

Campaign for Christ…

Monthly campaign was held in Friendship Road Church of Christ in Marikina City. Brethren from different congregations help the brethren in Marikina to get more people to study the Word of God thru Word Bible School. It was so nice to see every congregation in Metro Manila help one another to propagate the kingdom of God. In the afternoon leaders meeting was held to discuss more ideas on how to strengthen the faith of every church in Metro Manila. The youth also have their own time to gather and study the Word of God. It was a blessing for the youth to have sis. Mylene and bro. Philip Kingsley in leading them. The next campaign will be hosted by Cubao Church.

Youth Overnight Prayer Meeting…

1456.JPGIn order to build up the faith and cultivate the bond of the youth in Marikina they held a youth overnight prayer meeting. Philip Kingsley led the devotional and his mom sis. Remy Kingsley added more insights for the growth of the youth. They prayed together, played together and sang together. It was a long night for all the youth.

Tutorial Center Graduation…

1525.JPG1527.JPGThe 2nd commencement exercise of tutorial center conducted by churches in Marikina was held at Friendship Road church building last March. There are 42 kids from two tutorial center graduated on their pre-school tutorial class and some of them will move to grade 1 in public school. Parents are very thankful for the help of Marikina Churches of Christ in preparing their kids for the next level of school and for those who obeyed the Lord they are praising God for the knowledge they have learned in the Bible. More pictures on my facebook account:


916.JPG1688.JPGThe early century Christian turns the world upside down by teaching and preaching the Word of God in every creature. It happened in Balubad area where the mission teams with the help of Metro Manila ministries taught the good news by conducting series of follow-ups and Bible studies. There are 32 souls who obeyed the Word of God after learning and understanding the importance of obeying the Word of God immediately. See more pictures on my facebook account:

Good Samaritan…

1619.JPG1588.JPGAnother ministry of Marikina church of Christ is Good Samaritan. They help the brethren in renovating their shanties by providing wood, cement & personal services. Helping the needy is one of the best services that Christians can bestow to their fellow citizens of heaven. In this ministry they were able to encourage the members of their household who are not yet believers.

Youth Fund Raising…

1894.JPGThe coming annual youth camp is a great day for all the youth. In this annual camp they learned to become closer to God. The youth of Marikina decided to fund raise by collecting garbage in every house and by putting up small summer businesses and all the profit will go for the youth camp. In this fund raising they also learned the value of helping one another.

More pictures on March Newsletter at my facebook account:

Mission Trip Update:

Hello! It is already April and the heat is on in the Philippines. It is so hot and humid but we’re also on fire in sharing Christ to others. Thanks to those who are continually praying for us. Philip and I are going home on April 7th. Prissy Sellers, Chris and Hope Stringham and their one-year-old baby left yesterday for IIoilo City (south of Luzon island) to help out with evangelistic work for the MARCH medical missions. We thank them for helping us with our mission work here in the Manila area. They are such a blessing to other people and we learned a lot from them,
From the last e-mail we sent you, more baptisms occured. There are now 45 who obeyed Christ. We are having studies with those who are willing to listen. We have more studies to do but our time is limited but we’ll just do the best we can and the local workers here will do some more work. Manila is a big area to cover(about 20 million in population) and the workers here are trying their best to spread the gospel. We thank them for being diligent and enthusiastic in everything they do for His Kingdom..
Philip is enjoying it so much here. His influence to others is very contagious not only to the youth but also to other people both young and old. He’s now more open and courageous in talking to people about God. He spent a night with friends in the depressed area. He played and ate with them. He knew two of the youths don’t have Christ yet in their lives. He shared the goespel with them that night and they decided to be baptized for the remission of their sins the following day. (We used a big barrel since water is not accessible anywhere else. We have been using the barrel in that area ever since we arrived here)..
Chris and Philip also helped built a house in the slums. Through the help of one of the new church member, they were able to cement the floor of two houses and put walls on the other house. These houses were all very small. Some of them house around 10 people in one house. They were so touched on what we did and thanked the Lord for help that they got.
The Tutorial Class 2nd Commencement Exercise held at Friendly Church of Christ in Marikina was a success. Through this ministry, a batch of 10 parents were baptized. There were 43 pupils ages 3-6 that graduated on March 24th. I spoke to the students and parents on how important it is to continue teaching their kids God’s Word and thanked them for enrolling their children at the Tutorial Center (preschool). I would like to thank Mike Altariba, the teacher that handles the Center and the good influence he is to the students and parents alike. This is such a great undertaking on his part. He is so passionate on this ministry and love the children a lot.
Through the Tutorial Center and the outrreach going on at the Balubad area in Marikina, the church’s attendance grew from 10 adults to 50 not counting the children. They are now full in the small space they have there. The owner of the house that they are renting offered the whole house so the Lord is providing them more space to accommodate everybody.
On the side of my family, my nephew Clementer Lobusta, III, 20 years old, obeyed Christ on March 27. He’s been a constant goer at my parent’s home church in Pasig area. I studied with him and the next few days while we were studying with his brother, he also shared the gospel to him. I am really proud that he’s sharing what he has learned.
Also, through all the help we got, we were able to give out groceries to 50 people especially those that need them. We also gave out used clothing that we brought from the States. There were some that we gave out medicine through medical missions and beyond. One convert texted me and told me that God is always good that through those people that He is using, she saw the Lord and thanked God for His provision. She is now sharing Christ to her family. She invited her niece to study with us last week and she also got baptized. The Lord is using all ways to further His Kingdom.
I ask you all to be diligent in prayer. There are a lot of lost souls here in this area. May the Lord send more workers to work in his vineyard. We are here for just a short time but every minute of it is worth it. God be with you.
I will be in touch again with you with some pictures when we get back in the states.

In Him,
Remy Kingsley with Philip

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Marikina and Cubao Church of Christ Update:

Youth Evangelism Campaign …

In Twinville, the youth have their door knocking campaign by conducting house-to-house distribution of tracts and flyers. This is one way to teach the youth the importance of seeking and save the lost. After the campaign they went to Balubad site and have lunch fellowship and devotional conducted by bro. Danni at Balubad site.

Balubad Mission Update…

The mission team continues to share the Word of God to Christians and non-Christians at Balubad. The kids enjoyed the teaching of bro. Sammy Rimorin while brother Danni and Joel teach the adults and bro. Steve handle the youth class. They also conducted house-to-house visitation in that area to invite more souls to study the Word of God.

Campaign for Christ…

Brethren from different Churches of Christ around Metro Manila held the whole day monthly campaign hosted by Payatas Church of Christ last February 14. The Payatas is situated in Quezon City and it is also relocation for squatters around Metro Manila and bro. Conrado Mapalo planted the Church in this area.
The brethren formed a group and conducted house-to-house campaign proclaiming that Jesus saves. They also have classes for youth and conducted monthly Church leaders meeting in the afternoon.

Couples Fellowship…

The Cubao and Marikina held their couples fellowship at Friendship Road Church of Christ in Marikina and they invited brother Sonny Catalan as their guest speaker. Brother Sonny talks about how love last a life time.


God added two more souls in the Body of His Son Jesus in Twinville Church of Christ in Balubad area. Minda Bautista and Jenny Pisngot decided to be baptized for the remission of their sins after hearing and hearing the Word of God during Balubad Bible study. They are both active attending Sunday service at Twinville.

Youth Class at Cubao…

The results of Aguho Street campaign brought new youth Bible class at Cubao Church of Christ. Brother Joel Montano was assigned by brother Danni to handle this class every Saturday afternoon.

Metro Manila Ministries @ Balubad…

The Metro Manila ministries (Sis. Remy Kingsley, Sis. Prissy Sellers, Sis. Mickey Shaffel, Sis. Andrea McMinn and bro. Philip Kingsley) arrived February 26 almost midnight from Kansas and immediately the next morning at 8 a.m. they joined the mission team of Balubad and conducted Bible studies for kids and housewives at Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the resettlement area.

Sister Remy cooked food for lunch using firewood and the team joined the brethren and Bible students eat lunch at banana leaves using their hands. It was very nice fellowship and sharing the love of Christ in the heart of the people in Balubad area.

Wichita, Kansas Update:


grow-up-px-of-aj1-117.jpgFriday night Bible study at the Kingsleys is still going strong. Dan and Rose Shady with the help of the Filipinos who attend prepare the house, brought food for the fellowship. Dr. Derin Dopps was the one in charge of speaking. He shared about the gospel to the group. He has the passion to share Christ to others. We appreciate him helping out on this effort. The attendance ranges from 15-30 people. We are amazed how the Lord is using each one of us to further His Kingdom and spreading His seed here in Wichita. Please pray for those whose lives are being touched.

Mission Update:

Here’s a letter from the Kingsleys during their stay there in the Manila area:

Dear Everyone,
We are thankful for all the prayers we received as we continue to spread God’s Word here in Manila, Philippines. We are now on our 4th week of work here in the Manila area So far, there are 27 souls that accepted Christ through baptism.
Mickey Saffell, Andrea McMinn, Philip Kingsley and I from Wichita, Kansas arrived here on Feb 24th. We helped the church in the Marikina and their mission house in the Balubad area. Mickey and Andrea helped in the Tutorial Center where children under 6 are being taught their ABC, 123s, and moral values. Prissy Sellers from Missouri arrived on Feb 26th. We then, went to the Mntinlupa church of Christ (south part of Manila) to help Bro. Greg Gallardo in his mission work in the Malipay area. There are about 100 children that attended the feeding program and taught the Bible and did some singing. Prissy taught the non- Christians and signed them up for one-on-one Bible study. Mickey taught the young people and Andrea helped out on the children. Such blessings to see the people in the depressed area eager to study God’s Word.
On March 1st, Prissy’s daugher and family arrived (Hope, Christ and their one-year-old baby Amelia). On the first week of March we went to the Balubad area again and studied with the parents of the students who are studying at the Tutorial Center. We ate with them (on the banana leaves) and it was such fun having that experience. We had one-on-one Bible studies with them and about 13 souls were baptized in that area alone (so far).
We went back to Muntinlupa on the 2nd week of March and did group studies with Greg Gallardo’s students at the church over there(he is a partime professor in the university and full time preacher). Such a blessing when 3 souls accepted Christ through baptism and became Christians.
Prissy, Hope and Chris went back yesteday (March 18th) and studied some more and 3 more souls were baptized. God is working in every one of these souls as they learn about our Saviour!
On March 8th, Dani de Vera and his bride Eileen had a wedding at a restaurant in the Quezon City area and it was such a blast seeing them get married. All of the team attended this memorable event.
On March 9th, I studied with my niece-in-law Bernadeth Lobusta at the condo where we staying and she was baptized at the pool. She will be worshipping at my parent’s house where they have a home church. Please pray for this new church (only a year old in April) to grow in their spiritual strength.
The Lord is also working on Philip as he shared Christ to the young people in the Balubad area. He studied with 2 of the young people ages 15, Mary Rose, and 11 year old Alvin from Marikina. He baptized both of them. The young people here love him so much. He has matured in his spiritual walk with the Lord that he is more open and more out of his comfort zone as he shared Christ with them. Please pray as he studies with more of the youth here who are not Christians.
We had medical missions on 2 locations for 2 days (March 10-11) in Marikina and treated over 500 patients. We have local doctors, nurses and dentist volunteers and people got involved in the church. On March 13th, we followed up those who attended the medical missions in the Balubad area. Prissy Sellers and Hope Stingham studied with some of them ad 3 accepted Christ. Our family (Dale, Remy, Mylene and Philip) studied with 2 young people (Ray Mark and Joanna Marie both 17 years old) and they too, were baptized. Mylene became good friends with them and she is encouraging both of them to be strong in the Lord.
The Lord is in control of everything and using each one of us to be part of His ministry. The work is not done yet. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. Please pray for our limited time but bountiful harvest. We are so appreciative of your love and support as we continue the work here in the Philippines. May the Lord bless you more as you continue to support us in your prayers, moral and financial help. Until next mail. Philip and I will still be here until April 7th. Dale and Mylene are there by now. Blessings to all!

The Kingsleys,
Dale, Remy, Mylene and Philip

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Muntinlupa Church of Christ Update:

Happy New Year! Our gracious God has added another year for us to live a happy and meaningful lives serving in His kingdom. It is our hope and prayer that you and your families are well physically and spiritually.


A lot of good and sad things had happened in this month, and the scripture reminds us that everything is working together for good to them that love God.


On January 4, first Sunday of the month we celebrated our 8th anniversary fellowship. We usually held this every first Sunday of the month of January of every New Year and we conduct worship service in other venue, and the youth and the children have different activities after the luncheon fellowship. This time we had it in a Laurel, Batangas City, the place was owned by a brethren in Batangas City and they invited us to use it so they can also join us on that day. The service was held in their garage and we just rented chairs to accommodate our number, after the message there were four souls who wanted to accept Christ to Baptism so that right after the morning service we had four baptisms then we enjoyed the lunch together.


Erwin Esteban is a 38 years old electrical engineer who worked in National Power Corporation, his wife is already a Christian, and they had 4 children. We had been studying the Bible with Him for more than two years and we are really happy about his decision to accept Christ through baptism.


Zenaida Luy is a 54 years old free lance professional massage therapist, she is living with her daughter. We have studied the Bible with her for about 8 months.


Kristina Celis is an 18 year old college student taking up BS Accountancy; she is Michael and Charles’ classmate. We started studying the Bible with her last year, then she stopped with our studies for about 4 months and just resumed recently, and we are glad about her decision to be baptized into Christ.


Gladie Lazaro is a 25 years old,  newlywed to Brother Benson’s daughter Jennie he has been attending the Bible studies in Batangas congregation; he works as a fisherman,. Please see pictures #1-15.


More Bible studies are being opened to the young people of barangay Malipay, we have at least 12 regular young people attending the seekers group.


Then on January 16, we went to Bicol to visit my mother was very sick at that time, we spent a few days at that time and on January 22 about 2:20 AM she finally rested from her journey in this world to be with the Lord. It is sad to think that we will no longer see her in this world and we will miss her, but on the other hand it is comforting to think that she had lived a full life serving the Lord and is now peacefully resting from all her labors. They had just celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary last December 24, and she was very happy with the occasion especially that their renewal of vows was conducted by Peter Cariaga, a young student of Oklahoma Christian College who also preach while visiting Daet,  then it was barely a month that she now lie asleep with God’s blessings. Please see pictures # 16-22.


During the time that we visited my mother in Bicol while she was still living, we visited one of the house churches about 30 kilometers from Daet, there were just about 8 Christians  there, we encourage them to be faithful in serving the lord because God never breaks His promise that the reward He promised for those who will remain faithful is far greater than anyone can imagine, it is Eternal Life with Him. Please see pictures # 23-25.


We will continue to serve the Lord as long as we have the opportunity to do so for His glory. We hope and pray that the congregation here will continue to be a strong church with your help and prayers and that someday it will be starting other congregation in the Philippines.


In His service,

Greg Q. Gallardo, Jr.


Cubao and Marikina churches of Christ Update:

Majority of the children around the world especially in the Philippines are very excited when the month of December comes. They are all thinking about gifts and holidays.

As for the brethren in Cubao and in Marikina they are preparing to share the blessings and show the love of Jesus to all people by doing more evangelism and charitable activities.

Tutorial Center Update… 

031220082430.jpgEvery Wednesday morning the parents at Friendship Road Tutorial Center continue to attend the Bible study conducted by bro. Danni and bro. Steve.

111220082523.jpg111220082563.jpg111220082555.jpgLast December 11 the students of Twinville Tutorial Center in Balubad area together with their parents have their field trip at Wildlife Park in Quezon City. The parents and children enjoyed the view of the park and their fellowship with one another. They are all excited as they watch different animals in mini zoo inside the park. This is one of the programs of tutorial in order to encourage more parents to enroll their kids in the next school year.

121220082574.jpgThanksgiving party of Friendship Road tutorial center was held last December 12. The parents divided into three groups and they prepared food for the party. Teacher Mike prepared games for the kids and the church prepared toys and prices for all the students.

161220082611.jpg161220082612.jpgThe Twinville tutorial center also held their thanksgiving party; the parents prepared the foods and the church prepared gifts for all the students. The parents also joined the games and everybody enjoyed the party.

Baptism …

191220082641.jpg201220082649.jpgTwo more souls were added by the Lord in the Body of His Son Jesus before the end of the year. Raiza Valdez daughter of sister Annie Valdez and grand daughter of brother Fred Sepulveda decided to be baptized during family day of Cubao church. He was immersed by her uncle brother Steve. The following morning visiting Angelo Anacan together with his dad Illya and mom Me-Ann Anacan decided to wash away his sins. They are now based in New Zealand and faithfully worshipping the Lord at the Church of Christ in Auckland. He was baptized by his dad brother Illya.

Balubad Mission and Good Samaritan Update…

The Balubad mission continues to conduct Bible study and visitation in Phase 1 and Phase 2; as a result they were able to keep them interested knowing more about Jesus and attending Sunday worship service.
In Good Samaritan ministry, the brethren who received help from Metro Manila Ministries were able to renovate their respective houses. Other brethren who receive benefit from the ministry are still under reconstructing process.

  161220082598.jpg 161220082600.jpg

Annual N.E.W.S….


231220082711.jpgThis year theme for N.E.W.S. (National Evangelism Workshop Seminar) “TURNING THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN” gives more moral boost to al Church workers around the Philippines. They were able to hear some inspiring message and stories from old preachers on how they planted Churches of Christ around the Philippines and how to win more souls for the Lord. Young preachers also shared how they improved the approach to the lost world in winning more souls. One good example is the Cubao & Marikina congregations how they started the Tutorial Center and win more souls.

Cubao Annual Family Day…

The annual Family day of Cubao Church was held in Antipolo City last December 19 & 20. The theme for the Cubao brethren was “Physical & Spiritual Renovation”. They have three (Men, Ladies & Youth) separates lectures during the night devotional. They have fun of fellowshipping and witnessing the baptism of two souls.


Annual “Alis Lungkot…Bigay Saya”…

281220082760.jpgOne of the ministry of Cubao and Marikina Church of Christ is what we called “Alis Lungkot…Bigay Saya”. This ministry distributed bags of groceries, toys and used clothes to less fortunate brethren, parents of enrolled students in tutorial center, all kids of Sunday school, all tutorial center students and neighbors. Everybody enjoyed and is all smiles as they received the gift.281220082755.jpg281220082754.jpg281220082763.jpg

This ministry is one of a tool to encourage more contacts and new friends to study the Word of God.

Wichita, Kansas Update:

     We had our first fellowship and Bible study at our house on January 16th. Brian McGonagill, a preacher from New Mexico, led our devotional. He talked about faith in God found in the book of Mark. It was so uplifting and through the words and examples given in the book of Mark, we can assure that Jesus is the Son of God.

   Our topic for this quarter is about Men of Faith. Many speakers will be coming to talk about different people in the Bible that have strong faith in God and how we can be like them and live our lives with great faith in Him.

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