Twinville and Friendship Road Churches of Christ

As the Twinville and Friendship Road churches began their Tutorial classes which started the 2nd week of June, they were busy welcoming students for the year 2019-2020.

They had their parents orientation and welcomed the pupils who were excited to begin their studies for this year.

Brother Danni and crew are busy with the outreach in Cupang, Marikina. They started their house church in that area. Through giving of physical blessings like giving of slippers, food and school supplies, the community around there is seeing Christ working in them. Many people are interested in having Bible studies and the Gospel has been shared with them. Please pray for this new church as they continue to grow in that part of Marikina.

The workers also attended the National Evangelism Workshop Seminar offered in Caloocan church to encourage those who are sharing God’s Word in different parts of the Philippines. It was inspiring to see all those who labor for the Lord!

There were seven people that were added to the Kingdom since March of this year. Please continue to pray for them as they grow in their walk with Christ.


Feeding Program in Cupang, Marikina


Bible Study with new Christians


Baptism of new sister in Christ

Calamba Church of Christ

Please pray for Brother Jonathan as he juggles ministry and taking care of his three girls and working part time to support the needs of his family. They started their tutorial classes this month. Teachers and students are excited to start the new school year.

Metro Manila Ministries also helped financially those who were hospitalized that are members of the church and a relative of Jonathan Faldas that suffered from brain meningitis.

The church is still thriving and has their worship and get together every week. Jonathan is still teaching the parents of the tutorial kids and visiting them as an outreach of the church. Please pray for the growth of the church and that the hearts of the people in that area will be touched.


Bro. Jonathan as a partime driver


Fellowship at Calamba church


Bro. Jonathan’s niece had meningitis


Bro Jun and sis Chona have been busy at Dreamland. They have kids that they are teaching and adults too! With good outreach in the community, people are hearing the gospel and getting baptized through Christ.They host different events like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Camps overnight to strengthen relationship among brethren from different congregations. They are also planting not only coconut but different crops like pineapple, ginger, and some exotic fruits that are native to that area.In May some different congregations and individuals donated school supplies that they distributed to the children in the mountains. They are very grateful for the acts of kindness that they received and were shown the love ofChrist in every way. It is especially hard for resources to get there from the plains. Continue to pray for them and the ministry that Jun and Chona are doing.


more pineapple harvests at Dreamland


Distribution of School Supplies to students


newly convert sister in Christ

Sta Lucia Church

The Sta Lucia church sponsored a Summer VBS and Reading Program for the kids in May. They started their Tutorial classes for 2019-2020 in June. They had an orientation for the parents and Bro Mike will be starting to teach the parents about the Bible. Sis Maribeth and Bro Prince are co-teachingĀ  the kids. Please pray for the growth of the church as well.


Orientation of Parents at Tutorial Classes


Reading and VBS Graduation


The school year 2019 – 2020 has begun for the pupils at Payatas Early Child Tutorial Classes. Individuals and churches donated towards their uniforms. The kids were excited to begin this school year. Also the Manila School of Evangelism in Payatas will begin their satellite education for student preachers. There are so many things happening as the Cariagas are tirelessly reaching out to the people in that community. Please pray for their continued health and well being.


Start of Tutorial Classes in Payatas


Teachers at Manila School of Evangelism

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