The Twinville church of Christ and the people in the Marikina area were flooded on August 11, 2018 due to too much rain and  water from a dam was released causing a flash flood. The church at Twinville lost everything they had including the electronics like computer,  sound system, projector and fans.

With God’s leading, many people helped out and everything they lost was replaced. The church also extended a lot of help to the brethren there and people around the area who lost their things. They provided over a dozen beds for those who needed them and distributed rice, canned goods, water and basic items that they needed. Close to one thousand people have been helped on three different occasions by distribution of  food.  God is good and He provides! Thank you so much for all of you who gave financially and gave their services to comfort those who have been affected by the flood.

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Twinville and Friendship Road churches of Christ:

 Despite the recent flooding the work continues in Twinville and Friendship Road. One of the parents of a tutorial child recently got baptized for the forgiveness of her sin. Please pray for Theresa Barrameda to grow spiritually in God. While waiting for their children in the Tutorial Classes, parents are being taught the Word of God. Another event is a get together with the youth. They climbed a mountaintop and had great fellowship that day to strengthen their walk of faith with each other and enjoy God’s creation! The church also helped with the door knocking campaign in Cubao church. They distributed leaflets and tracts to individuals in the neighborhood and those that want to study the Bible. Please pray for the effort that is going on in both churches as they outreach to the needy and the lost.

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Dreamland in Batangas


Bro. Jun Patricio has been busy for the last 3 months. He has been helping Dreamland by planting more crops and trying to sell their animals to focus on beautifying the area. They also rebuilt another small building to be used as a chapel for worship or possibly for a tutorial center for kids. The kids have already started their preschool and are doing well.

Bro. Jun also organized an effort to help out with the flood victims in the Marikina area. They collected clothes, blankets, and other relief items that they distributed. They helped clean up the building in Twinville so that it can be used for worship. Bro. Jun and some other members of the church in Batangas also attended the National Evangelism Campaign that was held in CaloocanCity. He keeps himself busy. Please pray for his physical health as his wife Chona supports him in every way.

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Calamba Church Update

 Bro. Jonathan continues to study with the parents of the Tutorial children and shares the gospel with them. He is also busy helping out with the tutorial classes in  their church during the week.  Please pray for his continued health. He now has high blood pressure medicine that he is taking daily. Please pray for him as he continues to take care of his own children as a single dad.

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Payatas church of Christ

 Bro. Felipe continues to teach future preachers in their satellite school in Payatas while Sis. Clarita does the early childhood education and also teaches sewing and cooking to the parents as an outreach to the community. They also had their third medical mission led by Dr. Felita Lucena. To God be the glory for all the things they do!

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