Calamba Church of Christ


Here’s a recap on what is happening with Calamba church

June:  The Children’s Tutorial Center in Calamba started their 2018-2019 enrolment with some prospect kids ages 3 to 5 years old..

3M june 2018









May: Brother Jonathan is busy with his outreach program in Los Banos and Calamba areas. They had a recent intercongregational worship and fellowship the last Sunday of the month. He also attended the Hermeneutics summer class in Dreamland with other preachers.

3M june 20181








April:  The church had their first Sunday luncheon fellowship  with some visitors during their service.  Also the kids were excited to have Sunday school and learn how to pray.

3M June 20184














Twinville and Friendship Road churches of Christ:


Summertime means busy time for the church and a lot of youth activities! The church together with their youth in Friendship Road and Twinville churches of Christ did several things like VBS, overnight activities, hiking up the mountains, did feeding with the kids around the area, distributed school supplies for the upcoming school year, door knocking campaign to people around the neighborhood. Also, in June the Tutorial classes for 2018-2019 started with parent orientation in both churches. They began their program for ages 3-4 years old.

Please continue to pray for the workers as they continue to have physical and spiritual  strength as they tackle everyday tasks. Also pray for Bro. Steve as he continues to have dialysis… prayers for a donor for his failing kidneys.



Youth Mountain Hiking

3M june 201811










VBS with kids

3M june 201812











giving of food to  the homeless

3M june 201810














Kids Outreach in Balubad

3M june 201815













Door Knocking Campaign

3m june 20188












Metrowide Youth Fellowship

3M june 201814













Dreamland in Batangas


Dreamland is a place up in the mountains and their main purpose is to develop the land and use it for different activities. They also have coconuts and other plants that they harvest to provide income for the preachers around the area. Recently they hired a caretaker to take care of the piglets, horse, goats, and chickens for their livelihood program. The place is being used to host youth camps, women and men’s retreats and preachers camps. Recently they bought a house to accommodate visitors overnight and also as accommodation for the caretaker’s family. We are a part of this ministry and praying that it will grow more and see the great things the Lord is doing in Dreamland and beyond!







Father’s Camp

3M june 201816













Mother’s Camp

3M june 201817












Youth Camp

3M june1











Piglets at Dreamland

3M june2











Tutorial Kids

3m june3










Queensley the Horse

3M june8















Payatas church of Christ



Teaching sewing

3m june9













Feeding Program

3M june14












Felipe teaching a class

3M june19












Values Education Class


3M june13









Preacher’s Class

3M june10








Tutorial Class


3M june18











The outreach in Payatas with the help of Sampaloc church of Christ is doing very well. Many of the people in that poor neighborhood have been helped not only with their physical needs but also spiritual needs as well. Mr. Felipe Cariaga has been busy teaching the student preachers as a satellite of Manila School of Evangelism. He is also teaching Bible studies to those interested in learning more of Christ. Mrs. Cariaga is busy with the livelihood program teaching those who want to learn how to sew, and how to cook to make a living, She is also involving youth and other members of the church in Sampaloc to teach the children moral values education. They are so busy with outreaching and having fun as well. Please pray that their health will be good! They are now in their 70s and very active in helping out in every way they can.

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