Twinville/Friendly Churches of Christ



Two Tutorial Centers in Marikina City started their programs in June. They are now busy teaching the students ages 3-4 writing, reading, arithmetic and Christian Values. Also, the parents started studying the Bible with Danni de Vera as they wait for their children to be dismissed. In June one soul obeyed the gospel and five more followed in August.  In June, they collected 1,000 notebooks and distributed them to 500 local students who can’t afford to buy school supplies. As they started their Share-A-Blessing program, they also started their visitations and home Bible studies and group studies, youth activities and also feeding programs. Please pray as they continue to nurture the new Christians, reach out to the lost and grow.


Calamba Church Report


 The Calamba Church Tutorial Center started their preschool program in June with 17 kids enrolled. Brother Jonathan started also having Bible studies with the parents. The church also did their monthly feeding program feeding the children some nutritious food. Aside from doing this, Brother Jonathan has two more church outreaches on Sundays in Los Banos and Mayapa, Bangbang. They need preachers to grow churches in those areas. Please pray that God will provide preachers. The members there need help in growing them in faith.

 Payatas Outreach Report


Felipe and Clarita continue to outreach in the Payatas area through the help of Metro Manila Ministries and Sampaloc church of Christ. One of those taught was baptized this month! Praise God for another soul added. Sister Clarita started using some of the sewing machines that were donated by Metro Manila Ministries for livelihood programs. They also organized a medical mission in the Payatas area where their daughter Felita Lucena ( who is a doctor), treated kids and adults for their common diseases. Also, they started their early childhood program to outreach the children and they provided them uniforms to be used when they meet at the church. They are doing so much good in that area that people know where they are as they show the love of the Lord not only in their physical needs but spiritual needs as well.


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