Twinville Church Report










April and May:

Every year the Twinville church conducts summer school for children and youth. It was fun to teach the kids during summer break as the parents have time to see their kids learn about God. They also invited the parents to attend Bible studies and worship services.

Two souls decided to wash their sins away early in the month of May. Carla faithfully attended their home Bible study in the Balubad area and Nicholas was active in their youth activitiy and has been coming to the church since he was seven years old. God be praised when Danni baptized them for the forgiveness of their sins.


This month the Tutorial classes started both at Friendship Road and Twinville churches of Christ. As they continue to do mission work, they have seen so many studients in need of school supplies for the coming school year. There are so many students in their area that can’t afford to buy the basic school supplies so the church decided to collect them and distributed them before classes started. They collected one thousand notebooks for kindergarten to high school.

As they started their Tutorial Program (Preschool) classes which started on June 19th eighteen children were enrolled in Twinville church. The number of students decreased due to new regulations from Department of Education. They are praying for more outreach as they continue to be a part of the community in the Balubad and Twinville areas.marikina2











Calamba Church Report


Brother Jonathan is so busy as he is raising his three girls by himself and doing ministry work. He preaches  and travels to three congregations every Sunday. He also handles midweek service in Calamba church and teaches the parents of the students during the week. The ladies in his congregation get involved in conducting feeding programs every month to outreach the poor in their area and  help with the Tutorial Classes during the week. New Youth Ministry started this month as they outreach to youth in their area. Please keep Jonathan in your prayers as he continues his work and being a single parent.












Payatas Outreach Report


Felipe and Clarita continue to outreach in the Payatas area through the help of Metro Manila Ministries and Sampaloc church of Christ. They started their Early Learning School this month teaching children in that area about God and good morals. Sister Clarita is also busy teaching in the livelihood program for those who are willing to earn money to support their families. She conducts cooking classes and jewelry making and sewing. they also conducted medical mission with the help of their daughter Felita Lucena who is a pediatric doctor. . Brother Felipe started music classes at Sampaloc church and also busy with attending to the needs of the brethern and outreaching to the lost in that area. Please pray for both of them who are still active in their seventies as inspiration to us in reaching the lost.

Thank you so much to all who are part of the ministry. God bless you as you bless others.

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