Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ Update:


Countless Christians face the temptation to “go along get along.” We constantly need to remember there can be no compromise if we are to remain faithful.

The Cubao and Marikina keep reminding themselves on how to remain faithful to the Lord thru the Words of Jesus.

Evangelism Campaign…


New group Bible study established at Phase 1 Balubad area by brother Danni and Brother Steve. Mostly, the attendees of group Bible study are parents of enrolled kids at Twinville tutorial center and some of their neighbors.

Brother Sammy also started teaching in a new group of kids at the street of Phase 1. The neighbors heard the singing of the kids and they were encouraged about the children’s singing and Bible study in the street.


The mission team prayed that they can encourage more souls to study the Bible in that area.

Baptism …


The Cubao and Marikina Churches of Christ are rejoicing over three souls added by the Lord in the Body of His son Jesus. Grace Magdales and Novelia Salazar is both member of Catholic denomination and they studied the Bible under brother Danni at Balubad resettlement area.
Sister Novelia is a mother of Brother Jan-Jan and brother Nonoy. Brother Jan-Jan and Nonoy together with brother Idann and Lexter are being trained by brother Danni to lead in worship service every Sunday.


Ansaneth Cedo enrolled at tagalong Bible study correspondence course designed by brother Danni. Her daughter was also enrolled at tutorial center in Cubao church. She was constantly visited by Brother Joel and was encouraged by Sister Rose Sengco.

Tutorial Center Update…


The kids has visitor last November 18 in the person of brother Clyde Rollins from Oklahoma, USA and they enjoyed his presence during their class. Brother Clyde together with his wife Sister Ruby (brother Danni’s first convert) and daughter Kyla visited Philippines again after eight long years. Brother Clyde and sister Ruby Rollins is part of the mission team by supporting the work of brother Danni. After visiting the kids, brother Clyde also went with Brother Steve and brother Danni in distributing leaflets at the school campus.

Balubad Mission Update…


The mission team continues to strengthen the faith of Balubad brethren by conducting weekly Bible study and visitation. Last November 6 brother Clyde Rollins from Oklahoma City visited the Balubad area together with the mission team and he also visited the canteen of sister Daisy and sister Fe.

Parable of the Talent Ministry…


Sister Daisy and sister Fe started their small eatery store (canteen) at their house. They are very thankful to God that the Metro Manila Ministries had this kind of ministry that will help the needy members of the Church in Marikina to have their own small business.

Health Awareness Program…

Last November 30, the Friendship Road Church of Christ conducted health awareness program in cooperation with Doctor Atoy Arboleda, a physician. The brethren invited the neighbors to hear doctor’s explanation about the cause of sickness and why our physical body becomes weak. Doctor Atoy conducted free consultation after the lectures while the brethren distributed tracts and leaflets on how to become Christian.

 Muntinlupa Church of Christ Update:

Thank you so much for your love and prayers, with God’s grace we are growing with you.


Three of the ladies from Muntinlupa joined the “Ladies Forward for Christ” last November 27-29 my wife Fe, sis Meda and Joy, this was held in Bugallon Pangasinan, lily of the valley camp site. This was attended by of 5 congregations in Metro Manila and the congregation in Bugallon Pangasinan. Fe and Meda of Muntinlupa were invited speakers for the said occasion, Fe’a topic is about “Loving Others”, I just love to see these ladies coming home energized and full of joy, then they echoed the highlights of their seminar to their respective congregations. Se pictures in Pangasinan (1-4).


November 30, I was invited to speak to “San Fernando Church of Christ”, a group of about 50 christians located near the Clark Air Base what used to be one of the American bases in the Philippines, About three hours drive going north from muntinlupa. They have invited me about 3 years ago but for some reason I was not able to go there, this time my family and I visited them and it was a very exciting fellowship, I saw some old friends that I have not seen for a long time, the warm welcome was very encouraging, they requested me to speak about “Christian Suffering and the Grace of God” and the feedback of the congregation was that the message was very timely and inspiring, and we all parted ways with delightful heart. See pictures in San Fernando (5-7).


Then on December 6 we had another wedding at Muntinlupa congregation, another couple who had been living together for about six years, they already have two children a boy and a girl. Hazel is a Christian her husband is not, the congregation thought that they had been married before, a few weeks after they witness the wedding of Allan and Marilyn who had also been living together,  they surprisingly opened up of their desire to legally be married and that their relationship be right in the eyes of God and in the eyes of men. We are happy for them having decided to right their relationship with God. See the pictures of the wedding (8-10).


Dec 7, the congregation had the usual first Sunday luncheon fellowship, where the members stay for lunch, the men of the congregation had their monthly meeting and the young people also with their activities while the ladies have their own classes after the morning service. This time the ladies invited sis Deling Aguilar, an elderly Christian from a neighboring congregation to share with them “family values”. See picture (11).


On December 12, two precious souls were added into the body of Christ. Brother John Tadios and his wife Gigi Tadios. John is an electrical engineer who now works in an American firm based in the Philippines. Prior to this he went to the middle east and worked there as a Baptist’s minister for four years, though he already has some questions in his mind, he has corresponded with some ministers of the church of Christ in the internet, when he went back to the Philippines and directed by God to Muntinlupa congregation, after a few months of bible studies he finally decided to accept the Lord through baptism. His wife also a Baptist was also enlightened to accept Christ through baptism, Gigi work is an accountant and long been working in a bank. John and Gigi have two children Marie and John Stephen, Marie is in college taking computer course and John Stephen is 4th year high school, Marie and Stephen are still Baptist and we are still  studying the Bible with them, we hope that the Lord will also open their heart to accept Christ through baptism. See pictures of baptism (11-16).


Happy Holidays, God bless you all.


In His service,

Greg Gallardo, Jr.

Wichita. Kansas Update:


Our Friday night Bible study ended last 5th with Mr. Paul and Oreta Burnham as our guests. They are the parents of the late Martin Burnham (former missionary in the Philippines that was killed while being a captive by the Abbu Sayaff group in southern Philippines). They talked about their ministry over there and inspired us to go on and be strong in faith.

We would like to thank all the speakers that came for nine weeks tackling the “Fruits of the Spirit” in Galatians. We would like to thank Dan and Rose Shady for coordinating the topic and lining up speakers. We are all thankful to those who attended and listened to the Word of God. May you have been blessed and uplifted in God’s Word.

We will be continuing our studies in January 2009. Please pray that this effort will bear fruit. God be with you all! Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year!


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