Cubao and Marikina churches of Christ Update:

Campaign at Lagro The Lagro Church of Christ hosted this month campaign, the brethren around Metro Manila gathered together to proclaim God’s Word in that area. They went out in a group to encourage people to study God’s Word.
In the afternoon, the church leaders held their monthly meeting and they discussed all the plans and projects of Churches of Christ around Metro Manila.

Tutorial Center… The tutorial center school year 2007-2008 in Friendship Road Church of Christ Marikina officially started last June 5. There are 34 kids aged 3 to 5 years old enrolled this year. Brother Mike Altariba used his talent in handling and teaching the kids. Sister Renalyn Lacambra, a high school student voluntarily assisted brother Mike in handling kids. Classes start as early as 7:30 and finish at 9:30 from Tuesday to Friday.

Leadership Seminar… Strengthening the leadership of Cubao is one of the main concerned of the leaders in order to be a good example to all the brethren. They held their overnight seminar at Quezon province last June 16. They discuss about the pressing on toward the goal and the mission of the Cubao church. They also invited some leaders in Marikina but only two were able to make it. The leaders agreed upon the recommendation of brother Danni to have once a month leadership studies and fellowship. Brother Illya Anacan a visiting brother from New Zealand shared his knowledge about leadership. He is the owner of Love Electronics Service Center and knowledgeable about leadership.

Good Samaritan… The workers of Marikina congregation started its Good Samaritan ministry last June 21; brother Juan Barbo is the newly appointed chairman. The devastated shanty house of sister Aimee is the first project of Good Samaritan with the help of Metro Manila Ministry based in Kansas. Majority of sister Aimee’s neighbors are studying God’s Word with brother Danni and majority of the kids enrolled at tutorial center lives in this shanty area. Her neighbors were glad to see the workers of the church help in the construction and they ask the church workers to help them in fixing their small houses. In this ministry we were able to serve the household of God and encourage our neighbors to study the Bible.

Batangas Church of Christ Update:

May the love and grace of our Lord always be with you and your family. Attached are some of the pictures taken from the activities happening here in Batangas. (this june and july). God really is working through us here, as you can see, more and more people are obeying the gospel of Christ. Isn’t it wonderful? By the way, the bible school in Rosario, Batangas already starts. Thank God to the group of bro. Jun Patricio. We have now a bible school in our place and we have 10 1st year students, and many more who have learned of the school are interested to study. Last thursday july 19, five of the students obeyed the gospel and got immersed in the name of Christ. We also baptized last July 8, bro. Ruel Manalo, and last sunday July 22, bro. Arnel and his wife sis. Emma also got baptize, praise God. Hopefully this coming sunday the husband of one of the sisters will decide to obey.

I also want to thank the Lord for your financial support to me, it helps me a lot though there still problems regarding finances but I know God will make a way. I thank God for you brethren, God bless you always.bro. Jules


Beside from my regular bible study schedules, I am also now teaching in (AICPCG) the bible school, two subjects, the scheme of redemption and personality development, every tuesday and wednesday.

Wichita, Kansas Update:

Dale and I participated on the 1st Annual Fil-Am Reunion in San Diego on July 13-15th. We met several brethren from the Philippines who have been living here in the USA for quite sometime. The Palomar church of Christ hosted the occasion and we met the friendly and loving Christians in that church in San Marcos, California. It was a joyous occasion that we can encourage each other and think on how we can help and spread the gospel here and the Philipppines. Dale and I shared about the ministry that we are involved in and we pray that more people will be encouraged and inspired on the things that is going on in the mission field. We enjoyed the beach in Camp Pendleton, ate a typical dish “lechon” (roasted pig), and had a great devotional.


Also, the Philippine Missions Garage sale is underway. We are collecting a lot of stuff from people. Please pray for the success of this event! God bless.

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  1. Mickey Saffell says:

    Remy, thank you for all you do for the Ministries and for the Lord’s church. You are an inspiration to me!



  2. Danni says:

    I thank God for all the love and sacrifices you do for the Metro Manila Ministries. You really have the heart and mind of our Lord Jesus. May our God bless you and your family. Thank you for all your love in the mission work.


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