We are thrilled to announce the launching of “Metro Manila Ministries“, a non-profit Christian organization working to evangelize the lost in the Philippines. We are Dale and Remy Kingsley of Wichita, Kansas. For over seventeen years, our family hs been blessed with the opportunity to support the physical and spiritual needs of those who live in the Metro manila area. We are now inviting you to join in this fruitful work for the Lord. History: Remy was born and raised in the Philippines and was converted to Christ in 1986 through World Bible School teacher from Texas. After her conversion, she worked with the missionaries in the area. After our marriage in 1989, Remy moved to the United States and continued helping individual workers and churchrs in Manila. Approximately every two years, we visit the Manila work and lend our support through teaching, fundraising and encouragement. Our visits include teaching the Bible to children and adults, feeding the hungry and distributing clothing and toys to those in need. Our hearts are filled with joy as we see the results of God working through us. Precious souls are converted to Christ as a result of the simple things we do that proclain God’s love and grace. Needs: We are praying and know that the Lord will continue to bless this ministry and his glory will be proclaimed forever in the Philippines. Our greatest present need is for more financial support for the hardworking Philippines evangelists who are sowing the seeds of Christ’s Kingdom daily. Through personal efforts and fundraising activities, we are currently providing partial support for the four evangelists and four helpers. These funds provide salaries, Bible correspondence courses, Bible tracts, chairs and tables for children’s Sunday School, computers for the World Bible School offices, food for distribution to the poor, and ceiling fans, sound systems and benches for the church building. How You Can Help: First of all we ask for your prayers for the souls of the Philippine people. We are confident that God will continue to bless this good work. Also, your financial contribution to the Metro Manila Ministries, 1009 Noble Court, Yukon, Oklahoma 73009 are greatly appreciated. Please visit us often at ths site for updates on this good work. More About the Work: Danni de Vera is a local evangelist that Remy has known since she was converted. He began his ministry by attending the Cubao church of Christ. Because of his love for the Lord, Danni worked for two years without pay at the World Bible School office in Cubao. Many souls have been converted over the years and are now active both in the Cubao and Marikina areas. Greg Gallardo, another evangelist, from Muntinlupa church of Christ has a desire to be a full time worker for the Lord. He was a professor in a university and started a church in that area with his own funds. Right now, he wants to establish more churches and do more outreach full time but is hampered because of limited funds. Moises Gonzales (right front in this picture) from Lipa church of Christ. He also graduated from preaching school in Bagiuo City (north of Manila). Moises started the church in Batangas and now in Lipa City where he preaches. There are two outreach programs in nearby vicinities where he is working to build congregations. He and his wife also travel to teach and take food to those in need. We sent them some clothing and some Sunday school materials that they distributed and used last summer. The church needs our help in this effort of feeding those that are starving both spiritually and physically. Your support of this effort is greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering the souls in Metro Manila.

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  1. Greg says:

    Hi there Remy,
    This is the first time that I peak on your blog, the report was very informative and well said. Except that some of the pictures are not very clear, maybe on the succeeding posting I would raise the resolution of the pictures for clearer viewing.
    Thank you for your effort, more power and keep up the good work. May our Great God continue to bless you abundantly in spiritual and material blessings so that you could continue to glorify Him with your good works.

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